Jason Citron: The Discord CEO Net Worth, Biography, Personal Life and More

The gaming community is becoming increasingly saturated by the second. There are now over 19,500 video game publishers and developers in the United States, making it difficult for startups to break through. Every passionate gamer in the country, however, knows one name above all others: Jason Citron. He also curated a holy grail for international gamers and co-created a VoIP for the American gaming community. Now, then, what exactly is that? So, let me introduce you to Discord! In all likelihood, if you’re a gamer, you already have this program on your mobile device or desktop computer. The program was so successful that its user base increased from 45 million to 300 million in just three years. Jason Citron, the geek who is everyone’s favorite, is responsible for all of this.

Discord CEO Net Worth

Discord CEO Net Worth

How much money Jason Citron has is a mystery. Unreliable reports, however, put the figure at roughly $3 million. However, there are indications that his wealth is closer to $1.8 million. Despite the lack of evidence, it is possible to make an educated guess. Examining the pay of Discord’s top executives will give you a ballpark figure. A study on the “top compensated executive” is available on Comparably. At an average of $427,000 per year, it much surpasses even the $65,000 average of the lowest income bracket. Adding the $104 million he received at age 26 to the rest of his assets gives you the overall worth. The Bay Area of San Francisco is an expensive place to live, where he currently resides. However, you cannot compute the liabilities and deduct them because there is no information about his real estate, investments, or cash holdings. Discord is a $15 billion company that employs more than 750 people. This massive sum can be compared to the median earnings, monthly expenses, and minimum assets. Put together, these facts support the $1.8–$3 million net worth estimate for Discord’s CEO. Citron was successful in doing so because the company prioritized efficiency and output.

Last 3 Years’ net worth trend of Discord CEO

Discord CEO net worth in 2022

$1.8 million

Discord CEO net worth in 2021

$1.7 million

Discord CEO net worth in 2020

$1.6 million

About Jason Citron

37-year-old Jason Citron is the genius behind the widely utilized networking site for gamers. On the 21st of September 1987, he entered this world and quickly found success as an entrepreneur. He is listed as a co-founder on the Discord about page. His stratospheric success throughout the years, however, was the consequence of assistance he received for this endeavor.

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Perhaps you’re thinking, “Who else was involved in the development of this program that facilitates people tapping into the power of communication in the context of community?” Video games have always connected Stan Vishnevskiy and Jason Citron, two friends from their youth. OpenFeint, a powerful social mobile platform for games, was developed by Citron before they formed Discord. In the latter part of 2011, he sold it to GREE for $104 million. He shifted gears from game design to organizing a group dedicated to praising the gaming industry, which he felt was being misunderstood.

They teamed up to make a digital haven for other gamers to celebrate their off-world bonds. Therefore, a massive issue is addressed, and people all over the world bond over a shared passion for video games. The owners of Discord maintained their steadfast resolve even though the company did not immediately become wildly successful. For example, Jason Citron noted, “At the time, I guess we had maybe six users; it was not certain that it was going to work.” Discord has since expanded to become a major platform for international streaming communities. Citron currently serves as Discord’s CEO, while Vishnevskiy holds the position of Chief Technology Officer. Interesting fact: Discord employees rated their CEO at 79 out of 100.

Facts Related to Jason Citron’s Life

Citron is a San Franciscan native with roots in the business world. From the time he was a little boy, his brilliant and imaginative mind had been preoccupied with computers, video games, and other forms of cutting-edge electronic entertainment. His father’s unwavering encouragement fanned the flames of curiosity he had always felt about computer programming. So, it’s safe to say that he’s a master of computer code. By the time he was sixteen, Citron was working as a freelance programmer for various software firms. To pursue his passion, Jason Citron attended Full Sail University to earn a master’s degree in game design and development. Following graduation, he worked at Stormfront Studios, where he polished his coding talents while creating the Eragon video game. When he was ready, he joined Double Fine, where he programmed for Brutal Legend and other console games.

After becoming involved with YouWeb’s community, he and Danielle Cassaley established OpenFeint in 2009. He is reluctant to discuss anything about his personal life beyond his professional endeavors. Yet it is well known that his family’s entrepreneurial spirit served as a source of motivation for him to pursue a career in the gaming industry. In addition to his successful career, he is still living at home with his family and is not married. That he would go to such lengths to show his appreciation for his parents is clear in such an instance. Plus, he makes regular trips to Florida for both work and social reasons. His passion and dedication to technology and business are what ultimately shaped him into who he is today. Thanks to him, Discord has grown to become one of the most popular online communities for gamers, boasting over 300 million registered users.

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