Disenchantment Season 5

Disenchantment Season 5: Everything We Know About This Netflix Series in 2022!

It was made by Matt Groening, who made the American adult animated satire fantasy sitcom Disenchantment on Netflix. Groening made The Simpsons and Futurama for Fox Broadcasting Company, but this is the first show he has made that is only available on a streaming service.

The series is set in a medieval fantasy world called Dreamland. It tells the story of Bean, a rebellious and drunken princess, her naive elf friend Elfo, and her destructive “personal demon” Luci, who kills people. Eric André, Nat Faxon, Tress MacNeille, Matt Berry, David Herman, Maurice LaMarche, and Billy West are some of the people who appear in Disenchantment.

It was August 17, 2018, when the first 10 episodes came out. The next 10 came out on September 20, 2019. Netflix renewed the show for another 20 episodes in October 2018. In 2021, the first 10 of these will be sold. On February 9, 2022, the second ten came out.

Season 5 of Disenchantment has not yet been officially announced.

This is how it looks right now: Netflix hasn’t said anything about Disenchantment Season 5. As a result, you may not hear about the show’s future for a few months. Because Part 4 was only released on Netflix a few hours ago, you may not hear about it for a while.

Season 5 of the Disenchantment Release Date

Disenchantment Season 5 will be published in the first quarter of 2023. A new season of the show is very exciting for Matt Groening, who made it and who is very excited about it. Besides, because the fourth season came out so recently, it would be a waste of time to say that the fifth season will be out soon. All 10 episodes of Season 4 can be watched together.

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In part, this is because the show has a big following. Matt Groening has assured the press that there would be more episodes of Disenchantment, but no date has been set.


Season 5 of Disenchantment might have the same voice actors who did in the past. Abbi Jacobson is Bean, and she is the first one. Second, Eric André gives the voices of Pendergast and Luci to the movie.

Finally, King Zg is played by John DiMaggio. Tress MacNeille plays Bonnie Prince Derek and Queen Oona, and John DiMaggio plays King Zg, too. Nat Faxon is the voice of Elfo in the movie. There are three main characters in this story: Oval, Matt Berry, and Sharon Horgan. In addition, if we see more plot lines being explored, we might see more voice actors join an already impressive group of actors.


Bean, a 19-year-old princess in the mythical country of Dreamland, is the main character. She is wild and drunk. When you look at her full name, you’ll see that it’s Princess Tiabeanie Mariabeanie de la Rochambeau Grunkwitz. It’s because of her feisty nature that she goes on these amazing adventures.

She cares about her father, her subjects, and her friends. This is how it should be said: Then there’s Luci, which is Princess Bean’s own bad thing. If you want to know about Elfo, you can also learn about him as a half-elf from the fictitious land of Elfwood, who is 18 years old. His love of sweets and optimism usually get him into trouble.

Characters Who Come Second

Bean’s father is King Zg, the ruler of Dreamland and a member of the Royal House of Grunkwitz. He is the father of Bean. He is often bored, so he gets into trouble. It’s just that he wants to do the right thing, though. So there’s Queen Oona, King Zg’s second ex-wife. She is a strange human-like creature that looks like a Frok from a fictitious country called Dankmire. She was forced to marry impoverished Zg as an alliance.

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Bonnie Derek, Bean’s half-brother, was born because of the marriage. Then, Prince Merkiker, who was born in Bentwood, was supposed to marry Princess Bean, but he was turned into a pig by a witch. Oval also has three eyes. In the end, Queen Dagmar is Bean’s mother, and she is also his grandmother. As King Zg’s first wife, she tried to send Bean to the Underworld as a debt payment. This shows how terrible and mean she is.

Season 4’s Ending of Disenchantment Explained

Fans were excited to go on another exciting and funny trip that would leave them wanting more after Season 4. Finally, the season didn’t let them down, either. Fans want to know why Disenchantment Season 4 came to an abrupt end and when the fifth season will come out.

On Netflix, you can now watch the fourth season of the animated fictitious show. I think it’s one of Matt Groening and Josh Weinstein’s best works of art. 10 episodes were shown at the same time. After those episodes, nothing in Dreamland will be the same again. Toward the end of the third season, Princess Bean resurrected her kingdom and took over the throne.

It’s hard to find a flaw in Princess Bean. She loves her friends, especially the young elf Elfo and the demon Luci. Because of Season 4, these three were not together. After Luci died, we were very concerned about how he got to Heaven. He had to spend his time there with the other dull angels.

Queen Bean meets her father, Zg, and her mother, Queen Dagmar, again in season 4. The importance of family and how it shapes us is shown through the actions of the characters in the show.

Bean meets her evil self from her dreams in the tenth and last episode of the season. The evil Bean, on the other hand, wants to make Bean do something bad for her to regain control of her body and return to the real world.

Zog and Oval want to find Freckles, Derek, and Japer. Luci is seen trying to free Bean in her dreams, but the evil Bean takes her and brings her to the real world.

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It doesn’t take long for Bean to get back to the real world and kill the evil Bean. The other people, on the other hand, are confused because they can’t figure out who the real Bean is.

Luci and the others, on the other hand, figure out who the real Bean is and kill the evil Bean, as always. However, as soon as everything seemed to be going well, Dagmar and Satan came out of nowhere. When Bean is thrown off the tower into the ocean, Dagmar wants to kill her.

It didn’t end there, though. Mora has since come to Bean’s aid again. She put her life on the line with a passionate kiss to save Bean from being killed. End of the story, it looked like things were much more dangerous now that Satan had taken over as the ruler of Dreamland and Dagmar was still in charge of it.

Dagmar also put the bad Bean’s head next to her as a possible plan. Disenchantment Season 5 is going to be full of gruesome things.

The Last Two Episodes

Freckles convinces Bear Boy and Derek to fight with a group of bullies in the last two episodes. As Bean gets older, her dark side comes out more and more, and it has a plan and a few tricks up its sleeve. During the goo’s secret being revealed, Derek, Freckles, and Bear Boy are taken away.

Season 5 Trailer for Disenchantment

Season 5 hasn’t been released yet, so there hasn’t been a trailer for it yet. Season 4 was, however, just released. Instead, you can look at the Season 4 trailer instead of reading this.

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