Donnie Wahlberg Age, Biography, Career, Personal Life, and More Related Facts

Donnie Wahlberg Age

Donnie Wahlberg Biography

The Boston area of Dorchester is where Mark Wahlberg’s parents and siblings first settled. Mark Isham, the youngest of nine children, first gained fame as the frontman of the boy band New Kids on the Block in the early ’90s. His older siblings are Arthur, Jim, Paul, Robert, Tracey, Michelle, and Debbie. From his father’s first marriage, he also has three half-siblings: Donna, Scott, and Buddy. Alma Elaine, a bank clerk and nurse’s aide who passed away on April 19, 2021, and Donald Edmond Wahlberg Sr., a teamster and delivery driver who got a divorce in 1982, were his parents. His mother’s family was from Ireland, England, and France, while his father’s family was from Sweden and Ireland.

Career Life

Mark Wahlberg made his film debut alongside Mickey Rourke and Tupac Shakur in the 1996 picture Bullet. As a kidnapper, he co-starred alongside Mel Gibson in 1996’s Ransom. He returned to his hometown to play the lead part in a film set in South Boston. In the opening sequence of the 1999 film The Sixth Sense, starring Bruce Willis and starring Wahlberg, Wahlberg gained recognition for his portrayal as the patient of Willis’ character.

Wahlberg co-starred in the 2001 television miniseries Band of Brothers as Second Lieutenant C. Carwood Lipton. He also played LAPD investigator Joel Stevens on the NBC drama series Boomtown from 2002–2003. The executive producer and writer of Boomtown, Graham Yost, saw him in Band of Brothers and was so impressed by his performance that he wrote the part of Joel Stevens for him.

With his Band of Brothers co-star Damian Lewis and Timothy Olyphant, Wahlberg played the mentally handicapped Duddits in William Goldman and Lawrence Kasdan’s 2003 adaption of the Stephen King alien-invasion thriller Dreamcatcher. He played Detective Eric Matthews in the 2005 sequel to the horror film franchise Saw. Saw III (2006), Saw IV (2007), and Saw V (2008) all featured him in his original role, and in Saw V (2008), he made a cameo appearance using footage from the first four films.

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Actor Mark Wahlberg as Lieutenant Commander Burton in the 2006 boxing and military drama Annapolis. He starred in The CW’s Runaway, a drama that lasted only one season, from September to November of 2006. Due to low viewership, the show was cancelled in October 2006. Kings of South Beach, an A&E movie, featured him as a lead actor in 2007. In 2007, he also had a starring role on the show The Kill Point. Wahlberg had an appearance in Righteous Kill and co-starred in What Doesn’t Kill You in 2008.

In the CBS police drama Blue Bloods, in which Wahlberg plays Detective Danny Reagan of the NYPD’s First Squad, the setting is contemporary New York City. In addition to appearing in the comedy Zookeeper, Wahlberg currently hosts an internet radio show on Friday nights at 8 p.m. PST titled “DDUB’s R&B BackRub” on Cherry Tree Radio. Currently, Wahlberg hosts “Very Scary People” on HLN.

The Masked Singer’s fifth season starred Wahlberg in 2021, and he played the role of “Cluedle-Doo,” a rooster who provided insider information to viewers. In the semi-finals, Wahlberg was exposed after playing “Return of the Mack” by Mark Morrison. He stayed until “Yeti” was revealed to be Omarion, the surprise contestant.

Personal Life

As a result of a fire he started at the Seelbach Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1991, Wahlberg was arrested and charged with first-degree arson. Authorities said that in the early morning hours, Wahlberg, then known as the “bad guy” of the boy band New Kids on the Block, poured vodka on a hallway carpet and set it on fire while partying with fellow band member Danny Wood and fans. After Wahlberg agreed to appear in public-service videos addressing fire safety, drug misuse, and drunk driving, the charges against him were reduced from first-degree burglary to misdemeanor criminal mischief and subsequently dropped.

On August 20, 1999, Wahlberg wed Kimberly Fey, with whom he has two boys. On August 13, 2008, the couple filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason. After meeting on Watch What Happens Live in March, rumours of a romance between him and actress Jenny McCarthy began to circulate in July 2013. On April 16, 2014, they made the announcement of their engagement on The View, and on August 31, 2014, they were married at the Hotel Baker in St. Charles, Illinois.

Wahlberg frequently attends Celtics games since he is a huge fan. He narrated The Association: Boston Celtics, a film on the 2010 season of the franchise, and co-narrated Celtics/Lakers Best of Enemies, an ESPN 30 for 30 film about the Celtics’ rivalry with the Los Angeles Lakers, alongside Ice Cube. Together with his brothers Paul and Mark, he owns the Wahlburgers chain of eateries, with locations in Boston, Massachusetts, and St. Charles, Illinois.


Although Wahlberg endorsed Republican presidential contender Marco Rubio in February 2016, he subsequently admitted that doing so was difficult because “we have a lot of things we don’t agree on.” He said, “We can blame the president, we can blame the government, but we also have to look at ourselves if we vote with emotion, which we’re on the verge of doing again collectively, the furious vote is what is moving the meters right now.”

Donnie Wahlberg Age

Donnie Wahlberg’s age is 53.

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