The “Emily in Paris” Season 2 Ending, Explained

The eagerly anticipated second season of Netflix’s witty dramedy, Emily in Paris, has finally arrived. With its most recent season, there are even more eccentric outfit choices, difficulties at Emily’s posh job, Mindy’s musical performances, and… relationship drama. We saw Emily entangled in two love triangles in season 1, and she’s back in another one in season 2.

Season 2 of Emily in Paris ended with a huge cliffhanger, in typical Emily fashion. You’re probably still wondering about Emily’s future and whether or not she’ll stay in Paris after the finale. While we wait for the conclusion of Emily in Paris season 3, let’s take a look at the series’ second season finale.

Will Emily stay at Savoir?

We don’t know yet if Emily will stay at Savoir or lead the “French revolution” in advertising with Sylvie, Luc, and Julien in her footsteps. Season 2 concludes with her having to choose between working her way up at Savoir and the Gilbert Group (the reason she was sent to Paris in the first place) or joining Sylvie, Luc, and Julien’s new agency.

She’ll get the promotion she’s been working toward for years if she stays with her Chicago boss, Madeline, at Savoir. By joining her Parisian coworkers, she may be able to discover her full potential. Toward the end of the episode, Emily makes a call to Sylvie, but we don’t hear what she says. Sylvie’s new agency may be a good option for her if she plans to stay in New York for a long time.

Emily in Paris Season 2
Emily in Paris Season 2

Did she choose Alfie or Gabriel?

Emily’s romantic life in season 2 is, as previously stated, quite conflicted. The initial deterioration of her relationship with Gabriel led to her losing Mathieu and betraying her friendship with Camille (sooo messy). Emily found love with her hot British classmate from French class in an attempt to move on from the situation. There is nothing better on television than the ensuing love triangle involving Emily, Gabriel, and Alfie.

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Alfie has his doubts about Gabriel by the end of the season, but he sticks by Emily regardless. When Alfie suggests a long-distance relationship, Emily realizes she’s still madly in love with her ex-boyfriend Gabriel despite everything. As soon as Emily tells Gabriel and Camille she loves them, Gabriel and Camille are back together.

Emily could pursue an LDR with Alfie now that she has lost her chance with Gabriel (for the time being). If Netflix decides to pick up the series for a third season, we’ll get some answers.

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