Emily Ratajkowski Claims ‘Blonde’ Fetishizes Female Pain And Suffering

Emily Ratajkowski Claims ‘Blonde’ Fetishizes Female Pain And Suffering: Emily Ratajkowski has added her voice to the increasing chorus of critics of the forthcoming Marilyn Monroe movie, “Blonde,” claiming that the film fetishizes female anguish and misery.

The model and best-selling author shared her thoughts on “Blonde,” which premiered on Netflix on Wednesday, in a video she posted to TikTok on Friday. Ana de Armas stars as the main character in this Andrew Dominik-directed black-and-white picture that also features Adrien Brody and Bobby Cannavale.

According to Netflix, “Blonde” is a fictional portrayal of Monroe that “boldly reimagines the chaotic private life of the Hollywood superstar — and the price she paid for fame.”

Ratajkowski began her TikTok, which as of Sunday had over 1.3 million views, by claiming she had not watched the movie but had “been hearing a lot.”

Ratajkowski, who is 31 years old, stated, “I’m not surprised to hear it’s another movie fetishizing female anguish even in death.” We do it in a variety of ways, but I’d want to see that evolve.

She cites what she claims are precedents showing how female suffering has been fetishized throughout time. Look at how we’re fixated with Diana’s death, she said, “compare that to our fixation on Amy Winehouse and Britney Spears.”

“What’s not easy to fetishize, though? Anger, “That’s what Ratajkowski has to say. “After reading the reviews, I already know that this film will make me very angry. However, this is nothing out of the ordinary, so I’m simply going to become mad.”

Ratajkowski is not alone in her dissatisfaction with “Blonde,” which has also stirred controversy due to its portrayal of abortion.

In a disturbing sequence, de Armas’ Monroe appears to have a conversation with her unborn child, who begs her not to “harm it” like she did the first time around. “That’s it, you promise you won’t hurt me again. You won’t repeat your previous actions, right? “Throughout the film, the unborn child narrates.

A spokesman for Planned Parenthood mentioned the incident by name in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that was released on Friday.

According to Carolyn Spruch, who was quoted by the site, “since movies and TV affect many people’s awareness of sexual and reproductive health, it is vital these portrayals appropriately portray women’s genuine decisions and experiences.”

“While abortion is a safe and necessary form of health care, anti-abortion extremists have long perpetuated negative stereotypes about the procedure by using language that is medically erroneous when describing fetuses and pregnancies. With a CGI talking fetus made to seem like a fully grown infant, Andrew Dominik’s latest film “Blonde” strengthens their argument “In Spruch’s words. She continued by saying it was unfortunate the makers of “Blonde” sided with anti-abortion activists.

Dominik told The Wrap that the anti-choice criticism was exacerbated since the picture was released three months after the Supreme Court reversed Roe v. Wade, the 1973 legal landmark that made abortion legal across the US.

The filmmaker explained that he believes that everyone is doing the same thing by viewing “Blonde” from a Roe v. Wade perspective. “They have an agenda where they believe women’s liberties are being violated, and they look at ‘Blonde’ and see a monster, but it’s not really about that.”

As Dominik put it, “I think it’s quite difficult for individuals to step outside of the narrative they carry inside themselves and perceive things of their own will.”

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