Engage Kiss Season 2 Release Date, Cast and Crew, Official Dates and More

Consequently, 2023 is a possible premiere year for Season 2 of Engage Kiss. If the sequel to Engage Kiss wasn’t planned ahead of time, as has been rumored, then we may have to wait a while longer than expected for it.

Engage Kiss Season 2 Release Date

The OP trailer for “Engage Kill” was added on September 25, 2022. On September 24, 2022, we updated the article to include a possible second season of Engage Kiss, details on a unique event, and a tweet from the show’s sound designer.

Introduction of Engage Kiss Season 2

Takeshi Takada, the show’s sound designer, tweeted to anime fans after the September 24, 2022, premiere of the series’ final episode, “Thank you for watching the final episode of Engage Kiss! I’m eagerly anticipating the return of the show for a second season, whenever that may be. I look forward to meeting you again soon.

A “trusted Weibo user” reportedly said on July 16, 2022, that the Engage Kiss anime production will be two split courses with 13 episodes each for a total of 26 episodes, which was confirmed by anime news leaker Sneaky. On September 24th, 2022, Sneaky mentioned how the (same?) Chinese leaker had predicted January 2023 as the date for the announcement of Engage Kiss Season 2.

In addition, Bili Bili still had the conclusion of Episode 26 of Engage Kiss listed after Episode 13 had already been released. With all this supporting evidence, it’s reasonable to expect an announcement on January 7, 2023. bili bill also marked the anime as “ongoing” despite the putative finale having already been released. There will be a special event in Tokyo on that day, and the website says that some of the creators and cast will be there.

Actors Soma Saito (Shu Ogata), Saya Aizawa (Kisara), Lynn (Ayano Yugiri), Rumi Okubo (Sharon Holy Grail), and Akari Kitou (Sharon) will be appearing as special guests (Kanna Ogata). Because it is effectively a split-cour anime, the official title can also be referred to as Engage Kiss Part 2, rather than as a second season.

Put the Kill in It! Chloe Tang is the newest playable character in the game.

Kill! The Engage! On April 24, 2022, the world learned that a new mobile game would be released. It has been revealed that the Google Android and Apple iPhone versions that Square Enix developed as part of the Project Engage initiatives would be available to the public. That’s the Kill! when you Engage! No word on when it will be available just yet. Although, pre-registration for the game is currently open.

August 2022 is set as the official release month for the English dub of Engage Kiss on Crunchyroll. In the summer of 2022, when the episodes of Engage Kiss first appeared on Crunchyroll, they were subtitled only in English. However, Aniplex of America later released a dubbed version of Engage Kiss.

For those interested, here is the core English dub cast of Engage Kiss: Louis James Moriarty from Moriarty the Patriot, Howard Wang, plays Shu Ogata. Kisara, portrayed by Kayli Mills (Emilia from Re: ZERO -Beginning Life in Another World-). Obsidian Goddess in ORIENT, Suzie Yeung, plays Ayano Yugiri. The English dub of Engage Kiss premiered on Crunchyroll on August 20, 2022.

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An official date for the Blu-ray and DVD release of Engage Kiss has been set

Engage Kiss Season 1 was available for weekly streaming in Summer 2022 on Crunchyroll, VRV, and Netflix Japan (but not Netflix USA, Hulu, Disney+, HIDIVE, or Amazon Prime Video). It took 6 volumes of Engage Kiss on Blu-ray/DVD to collect all 13 episodes. A breakdown of the Blu-ray release calendar follows:

  • The first volume of the Blu-ray release of Engage Kiss will be released on September 28, 2022
  • Part 2 of “Involved Kiss” on Blu-ray will be released on October 26, 2022
  • Kiss and Make Up: Volume 3 on Blu-ray, November 30, 2022
  • Volume 4 of “Engaging Kiss” on Blu-ray: December 28, 2022
  • The fifth installment of the Blu-ray release of Engage Kiss is scheduled for release on January 25, 2023
  • Kiss and Make Up: Volume 6 on Blu-ray, February 22, 2023

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