Eric Andre New Girlfriend He Speaks Out on Dating Emily Ratajkowski

Eric Andre New Girlfriend: He Speaks Out on Dating Emily Ratajkowski

Eric Andre has addressed the media’s portrayal of his brief romance with Emily Ratajkowski. After being sighted together for the first time in January, the comedian and model seemingly confirmed their romance on Valentine’s Day when Andre posted an NSFW selfie of the two of them in the nack.

Andre was recently interviewed by Rolling Stone, where he was asked about the media’s disbelief about the couple and shown a headline reading “How could this happen?! “

In response, Andre classified himself as “ugly”, but noted that there was a perception that “attraction is purely based on physical appearance”.

“‘How could this happen!’ No male. I am an ugly person. Throughout the first two decades of my life, I was often mistaken for Steve Urkel. “Beauty is only skin deep, yet I think most people mistake it for the primary factor in determining whether or not they would be attracted to someone.”

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He pointed toward other comedians who are married to Hollywood stars, such as Colin Jost and Scarlett Johansson, as well as John Mulaney and Olivia Munn, adding: “So you’d assume comedy… works.” Asked what he thought of how the relationship was reported, Andre said: “I think the think pieces and the mythology are more interesting than the reality.”

Andre is lounging on a couch with Ratajkowski’s reflection in the mirror behind them in the Valentine’s Day photo. Both are undressed; Cupid’s arrow emoji is pointed directly at Andre’s crotch, while Ratajkowski is looking the other way.

Eric Andre New Girlfriend
Eric Andre New Girlfriend

The star of The Eric Andre Show revealed, “Emily popped up and took that image. I was completely in the moment as I sipped my wine and laughed until I cried at how cute she was. Once she snapped the photo, she said, “This is iconic” to our shared laughter. The word “iconic” kept popping into her mouth. When we saw it, we both knew it was a picture they had to see.

Nevertheless, Ratajkowski implied that the relationship had come to an end just days after the shot was posted on Instagram. The model implied the end of a “Situationship,” or an informal romantic connection with no clear boundaries, in a TikTok video.

You can see her relaxing in bed while the question “what do you do when a Situationship ends?” flashes across the screen. “Start another one?” the screen prompted afterward. During the interview that came out on Tuesday, Andre did not say whether or not they had actually split up (14 March).

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