Even After 20 Years Family of Brockton Mother Found Burned Alive Seeking Answers: Little about what happened?

Twenty years later, the family of the Brockton woman who was found burned alive is still searching for answers. Today’s news highlights from BROCKTON, Massachusetts that – It has been exactly twenty years to the day when the body of Melissa Shaw’s mother, Linda Dotolo Connors, was discovered.

It absolutely saddens Shaw that she has no idea what happened to her mother twenty years ago, particularly in the most obscure details.

“To not know 20 years ago, every nook and cranny of what happened to my mom just kills,” said Shaw.

The next morning, the police discovered her body on Yarmouth Avenue in Brockton, Massachusetts, which had been set ablaze with a lighter on the pavement. Even after two decades have passed, the members of this family are still curious about what took place.

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Due to the absence of any trace of an accelerant on Linda’s body, the manner in which she passed away has been deemed “undetermined” by the investigators. But Shaw is convinced that her mother was killed by someone.

“What I do remember was watching the news and seeing a body under a sheet,” said Shaw.

Even After 20 Years Family of Brockton Mother Found Burned Alive Seeking Answers
Even After 20 Years Family of Brockton Mother Found Burned Alive Seeking Answers

Nobody has been taken into custody in relation to Linda’s passing away. Her dead body was discovered directly across the street from the home that she and her husband had been sharing at the time of the discovery.

Shaw explained in utter grief:

“I mean I have a hunch and I think I know, but thinking and actually knowing are two different things. How painful it must have felt if she was conscious. I still have hope, I have a lot of anger, but I still have hope. My grandmother is 88 years old, and she says I’m not going until I know what happened to Linda.”

The results of the autopsy revealed that smoke inhalation and thermal injuries contributed to Linda’s death. This suggests that Linda was still alive when she was burned.

George Connors, her husband, was also at home at the time in question. In 2019, he gave an interview to Boston 25 News in which he stated that despite having multiple conversations with the police about the incident, he was never charged with any crime.

Shaw claims that despite the passage of time, she has not given up faith that the mystery of her mother’s disappearance will be solved.

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