After the Shooting Incident in Farmington, the Police Made a Prominent Disclosure of the Suspect

On Wednesday, authorities revealed more details about the Farmington shooter, whose rampage began in his home on Monday morning.

Police shot and kill*d 18-year-old suspect Beau Wilson outside the First Church of Christ Scientist on N. Dustin, where three women and several others, including two police officers, were injured.

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Farmington Police Chief Steve Hebbe said the shooter had about 1,400 rounds of ammunition. The shooter carried an AR-15 rifle and two handcuffs and may have had access to up to ten additional firearms in his home.

He opened fire in his neighborhood, injuring several people. In the bushes, apparently. He loaded the pistols and started roaming the area, firing at houses and vehicles.

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Hebbe said the assailant was wearing a bulletproof vest. The police think that he had also stuffed steel plates in the vest. The shooter had previously worn a vest but took it off before police appeared outside the church.

Police recovered a note from the shooter’s pocket during interrogation. In the second paragraph of this note, you can read that the culprit has written something for his sister.

After the Shooting Incident in Farmington, the Police Made a Prominent Disclosure of the Suspect
Interrogation Revealed A Note In The Shooter’s Pocket.

Hebbe reports, “The note alludes to this being, sort of his final event, and warns that if anyone messes with his sister, there will be problems.”

The note tells of this being his last occurrence and warns if anyone messes with his. sister, there will be problems.” The possible involvement of his sister is under investigation.

So far, “we haven’t been able to find anybody who can go into the details of it, who knows anything about it,” Hebbe said. “It doesn’t sound like anything big was happening with his sister before this happened.”

Nicole Brown, director of San Juan County Communications Authorities, claimed that Dispatch received 230 calls. Police released the names of the dead at a news conference on Tuesday, revealing that 79-year-old Shirley Voita, 97-year-old Gwendolyn Schofield, and 73-year-old Melody Ivy were the victims.

Respecting their Loss: Families of Farmington Shooting Victims Seek Solace in Privacy.

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