Fire in Newburyport Industrial Park

Fire in Newburyport Industrial Park After Chemical Explosion:1 Worker Still Unaccounted!

An explosion at a chemical plant in Newburyport, Massachusetts, has left one worker unaccounted for early Thursday. The explosion and fire happened at a plant on Opportunity Way in the industrial park, according to the Newburyport Fire Department.

911 operators got a report of an explosion at around 12:45 a.m. on Thursday. When firefighters arrived, they found an industrial-sized vat from inside the building had moved about 30 feet due to the explosion and was sitting in a parking lot, fire officials said.

Upon their arrival, fire crews observed that an industrial-sized vat located within the building had been displaced approximately 30 feet as a result of the explosion. The vat was subsequently found to be situated in a nearby parking lot.

Fire in Newburyport Industrial Park
Fire in Newburyport Industrial Park

As per the reports of the Newbury Port Fire Chief, the blast occurred while five workers were present inside the building. Four individuals were transported to a nearby medical facility, where they received medical attention and were subsequently discharged.

A Coast Guard helicopter is hovering over the explosion site in Newburyport. The State Fire Marshal says one worker remains unaccounted for. Have a look at the visuals from the tweets linked below:

According to officials, the building suffered significant structural damage, impeding the efforts of firefighters and technical rescue teams to commence a search for the absent worker. According to officials, there is currently no threat to the safety of residents in the area.

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However, law enforcement is urging individuals who were planning to commute to the industrial park for work to steer clear of the vicinity. According to Seqens North America’s official website, the company manufactures active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Last year, a string of explosions shook the very foundations of the aforementioned company. Firefighters were met with several explosions upon arriving at the building. Images from the scene show thick foam that firemen sprayed to put out the fire and debris on the ground outside the structure.

Fire in Newburyport Industrial Park
Fire in Newburyport Industrial Park

Fortunately, there were no injuries reported in the incident. According to fire officials, an upward explosion occurred due to a reaction in a chemical storage drum, resulting in a hole in the roof.

The public has been told there is no danger to the surrounding residents. Still, officials have urged that individuals in the industrial park stay away from Opportunity Way for the time being because it is currently closed.

There is no other information available. This is a narrative that is still unfolding. Check back Journalworldwide for any new information as it becomes available.

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