Fito Olivares Cause of Death: Legendary Tejano Dies at 75

After a long and fruitful career, 75-year-old Rodolfo Fito Olivares has passed away, and everyone wants to know what killed him because his songs are played at so many various types of parties, from weddings to quinceaneras. Griselda Olivares, his wife, told the Associated Press that he passed away on Friday at their home in Houston, Texas (March 17, 2023).

The Tejano singer’s partner did not disclose the specific form of cancer he was diagnosed with last year, despite the fact that he had been ill for several months.

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Rodolfo Fito Olivares: A Biography

The musician was reportedly born in Tamaulipas, Mexico, in 1947, as reported by People magazine. It seems he always had a soft spot for tunes, as he began penning tunes of his own while still in his teens.

On a ranch near Rechinadores, he spent his childhood with his parents, Maria Cristina and Mucio. As a young child, the singer took up the saxophone, an instrument that had been given to him by his father. As he finished with the commercial academy, he went in a new direction in his career.

He first found success performing with Abel Martinez, Bernardo Gomez, and Noe Santos in the band’s Tam y Tex and Dueto Estrella. At a later time, he joined forces with his brothers to form Olivares y Su Group La Pura Sabrosura.

Fito Olivares Cause of Death
Fito Olivares Cause of Death

“Aguita de Melon” and “Columbia” were only two of the siblings’ charting singles during their brief but fruitful careers as a group.

Griselda Olivares revealed that her late husband was an accordionist and a songwriter for the band in addition to his roles as a singer and saxophone until his retirement in 2007. The song “Juana La Cubana” was nominated for a Lo Nuestro Award, therefore it must have been a major hit.

Many Tributes to Rodolfo Fito Olivares Are Posted Online

Several of his admirers and friends took to social media after hearing the news of his passing to share their sorrow.

Ramon Ayala, a famous Mexican musician, posted a photo of Olivares to his Instagram with the message, “Thank you for your music, your dedication, and professionalism onstage. La Pura Sabrosura is your unique rhythm with your saxophone, with which you’re now serenading God. From king to king, rest in peace, my brother.”


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Frequently asked questions

Where is Fito Olivares from?

The city of Camargo is in the state of Tamaulipas in Mexico. It is across from Rio Grande City, Texas, on the US side of the border. Officially, there are 14,933 people living there. The city hall is in Ciudad Camargo, which is home to 7,984 people.

How old is Fito Olivares?

75 years (1947–2023)
Age of death / Fito Olivares

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