An Attack of CBDC Ban by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis! Know about What Happened?

CBDCs are now illegal in the state of Florida, thanks to Governor Ron DeSantis. On Friday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a measure that prohibits the use of a “centralized digital dollar,” also known as a central bank digital currency or CBDC in the state.

This bill was sponsored by Senator Marco Rubio and Representative Matt Gaetz. DeSantis has been unrelenting in his assaults on CBDCs, claiming that they are a component of “woke politics” that he wants to battle last week.

He has also been aggressive in his criticisms. Now, the section of the legislation that defines money in Florida makes the following statement very clear: “The term does not include a central bank digital currency.”

During the news conference, DeSantis made the hypothesis that the administration of former President Joe Biden announced a year ago that it would be conducting research on CBDCs because it intends to “crowd out and eliminate other types of digital assets, like cryptocurrency.”

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While standing in front of a podium with the words “Big Brother’s Digital Dollar,” DeSantis made the hypothetical suggestion that the government could utilize CBDCs to prevent people from buying gas in order to reduce the effects of global warming or to keep track of how frequently someone buys firearms.

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“Anyone with their eyes open could see the danger this type of an arrangement would mean for Americans who want to exercise their financial independence and would like to be able to conduct business without having the government know every single transaction they’re making in real time.”

Attacks on CBDCs by Ron Desantis Reiterated as Part of Woke Politics. During its final appearance before the Florida House of Representatives the week prior, the bill with the number SB-7054 received only one vote of opposition from members of that body.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Bans CBDC
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Bans CBDC

At the time of the bill’s introduction in March, DeSantis stated that a CBDC would be about “surveilling Americans and controlling Americans.” A few days later, DeSantis made the announcement that Florida would begin accepting Bitcoin as payment for state taxes, but only from businesses and not from individual taxpayers.

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DeSantis is now in the lead in polls for probable nominees of the Republican Party. In addition, he just published a book in which he outlines his opposition to what he refers to as “woke” politics. However, he has not yet declared his intention to run for office.

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