Ghislaine Maxwell Has Been Placed on Suicide Watch Prior to Her Sentencing!

  • Socialite is due to be sentenced for sex crimes on June 28
  • Maxwell is unable to prepare for her sentencing, her lawyer says
Ghislaine Maxwell, a British socialite who was found guilty of sex trafficking with her ex-boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein, has been put on suicide watch at the Brooklyn jail where she has been since her arrest in July 2020, her lawyer said on Saturday.

Bobbi Sternheim, a lawyer for Maxwell, said in a letter to the judge slated to sentence the socialite on June 28 that she was removed on Friday from the general population of inmates at Brooklyn’s Metropolitan Detention Center and placed in solitary confinement. Sternheim said that Maxwell isn’t allowed any pen or paper and was placed on the watch “without justification,” and warned that she may seek a postponement of her sentencing date.

In December, a federal jury in Manhattan found Maxwell guilty on five counts, one of which was sex trafficking of a minor. It was seen as long overdue justice for Epstein’s victims since he was found dead in his jail cell a month after he was arrested. Authorities said it was a suicide.
Prosecutors said in a letter sent Sunday that Maxwell was separated from other prisoners after she sent an email to the Bureau of Prisons Inspector General’s office “claiming to be afraid for her safety.” They said that she was taken out of the general population so that her claim could be looked into and that her sentencing shouldn’t be delayed because she still has access to her lawyers and legal papers and can prepare.

Ghislaine Maxwell Placed on Suicide Watch Before Sentencing

Ordinarily, an inmate making such claims would be put in a solitary cell within the Special Housing Unit, or SHU, but jail officials placed Maxwell on suicide watch due to concern that she was at “heightened risk of self-harm” given her upcoming sentencing and sex offender status, prosecutors wrote.

“Because of this, they don’t feel comfortable putting the defendant in the SHU, but they also need to take the defendant out of the general population so they can look into the threat she told them about.”

Prosecutors say Maxwell should spend up to 55 years in prison for a sex trafficking scheme that involved seven people. She asked for a prison sentence of fewer than six years, saying that the conditions in jail have been too hard on her.

The case is US v Maxwell, 20-CR-330, US District Court for the Southern District of New York (Manhattan).

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