Ginny and Georgia Season 2: Everything We Know So Far

Ginny and Georgia, a 10-episode first season from Sarah Lampert, premiered on Netflix on February 24th, 2021.

Following the loss of Georgia’s husband, Ginny and Georgia relocate to a smaller town to start a new life. While not going into too much detail to avoid spoilers, the series dealt with a wide range of issues including crime, race, self-harm, and marriage.

Everything you need to know about Ginny and Georgia’s Netflix future, including the show’s renewal status, what the show could cover, and what the fans are saying about it.

How well did Ginny and Georgia perform on Netflix?

In the wake of Ginny and Georgia’s release on Netflix, a well-known pop star gave the show a significant bump in the audience, which we can learn from a variety of sources.

We’re talking about Taylor Swift, who was mentioned in passing in a humorous line about how many guys one of the show’s characters had gone through, comparing it to Swift’s number of ex-boyfriends over the years. Taylor Swift.

FlixPatrol’s top 10 statistics show that the show remained in the top 10 lists for 48 days in the United States and 44 days in the United Kingdom. The show was also a hit in other parts of the world, including South Africa, the majority of Europe, and Australia.

The show was ranked sixth among the top shows of 2021 as of September 2021. After compiling the world’s top ten datasets, this is the conclusion.

In the United States, the show was in the Nielsen top 10 for seven weeks, accumulating more than 4,247 million minutes of viewing time.

It opened at #14 on IMDb PRO and then rocketed to #3 the following week, coinciding with Swift’s tweet.

Last but certainly not least, on April 20th, 2021, Netflix itself provided data on the show’s popularity as part of its Q1 2021 investor letter. According to their 2-minute watching statistic, 52,000,000 individuals tuned in to the show during its runtime.

By the end of September 2021, more data showed that Ginny and Georgia had racked up 381 million viewing hours, ranking it 10th in the chart of viewing hours.

Has Ginny and Georgia been renewed for season 2 at Netflix?

We didn’t hear anything about Ginny and Georgia’s return until almost exactly two months after the show premiered when the cast released a video introducing the upcoming season.

By Debra J. Fisher and Sarah Lampert in a statement, the show’s co-creators expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support and love that Ginny and Georgia have received from viewers. “We’re especially thankful to Brianne and Toni, who set the highest bar every step of the way,” they continued. Season 2 of Wellsbury will be a welcome comeback for us.

Given the video, we can safely assume the return of the following cast members:

  • La Torraca as Austin
  • Raymond Ablack as Joe
  • Sara Waisglass as Maxine
  • Felix Mallard as Marcus
  • Scott Porter as Paul
  • Jennifer Robertson as Ellen

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When is production on Ginny and Georgia season 2 starting and when will season 2 be on Netflix?

After being renewed in April 2021, development hasn’t moved as quickly as similar projects like Virgin River.

Instead, we learned that filming would begin in September 2021. A production start date of November 29th and a run through to April 8th, 2021, are now in the works. Since it follows a similar release timetable to Firefly Lane’s season 2, the two may be released at the same time.

During the second half of October, the show’s official Instagram page said that they were “gearing up to film season two.” In addition, Debra Fisher hinted at the impending arrival of S2 by uploading an Instagram photo of Brianne Howey with the caption “S2 coming in hot.”

Ginny and Georgia’s showrunner, Debra Fisher, announced on Instagram on November 30th that production on season 2 has begun.

Ginny and Georgia Season 2
Ginny and Georgia Season 2

James Genn will direct the first episode, according to the clapper, which can be seen in the image below. Anya Adams will return to direct the show, while Danishka Esterhazy will make her directorial debut.

With the help of Blue Ice Pictures (Canada), Critical Content (USA), and Dynamic Television (Canada), filming will take place in Toronto, Canada.

On Twitter in December 2021, Tony Gentry gave a brief update on the progress of filming.

March 4, 2022, was the final day of shooting in the third block. A minimum of four filming blocks are known to exist.

One more episode was shot in Coburg, Ontario as revealed via a public notification on the town’s website. Between February 22nd and 25th, filming took place throughout the town at venues such as:

  • Victoria Park
  • Victoria Hall
  • King Steet West from Third Street to Hibernia Street

According to Antonia Gentry’s Instagram post, filming on Ginny and Georgia was completed on April 23rd, 2022. According to showrunner Debra Fisher, it has been “a wild season 2.”

Netflix France verified this on May 9th, 2022, when they reiterated that filming on Season 2 had concluded.

When will Ginny & Georgia season 2 be on Netflix?

There has been no formal announcement of a release date or even a window.

Ginny and Georgia season 2 should be available on Netflix sometime in the second half of 2022, based on the previously mentioned production timetable.

Aaron Ashmore joins the Ginny & Georgia season 2 cast

Aaron Ashmore, well known for his roles in X-Men and Netflix’s Locke & Key, was named as a cast member for season 2 in January 2022.

A source tells the New York Daily News that Ashmore would portray Gil Timmins, Georgia’s ex-husband, and Austin’s father, who was convicted of embezzlement and sentenced to prison.

A new recurrent character, Simone, is also expected to appear in season 2, according to Netflix.

Simone, Zion’s new girlfriend in season 2, is a criminal defense attorney who is extremely intelligent, and professional, and does a lot of pro bono work. She is described as a Boston native. When Ginny and Georgia (Zion’s ex) show up at her home, she finds herself in an awkward position.

What could happen in season 2 of Ginny and Georgia?

Beware of spoilers! Do not continue reading if you haven’t finished season one yet!

Georgia’s possible involvement in her ex-death husband’s abduction is the most pressing issue for viewers. If the consequences of her deeds eventually catch up to her, we could see the series take a dark turn. Several characters from the show’s history have already reappeared, and we may expect to see more of them in a future season 2.

Season one concluded with Ginny and Austin being forced to quit the show due to unfavorable circumstances. There is no doubt in our minds that they will return, but their mother will be forced to face the consequences of her conduct. Zion, their father, is expected to relocate from Boston to Wellsbury to be closer to his children. Georgia’s new relationship with Paul could be complicated if he and she still have feelings for each other.

Ginny’s personal life became a bit of a mess by the end of season one, too. Will Ginny’s friendship circle reconcile in season 2 or will things get even more complicated? We fully expect Ginny to pursue a relationship with Marcus, her bad-boy neighbor after she cheated on Hunter.

The after-party special for the program will feature David Spade, Fortune Feimster, and London Hughes, as well as the rest of the cast.

Among those who will appear in the show’s Afterparty special are David Spade, Fortune Feimster, and London Hughes.

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