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For centuries, the lonely and powerful god looked for his bride. Has he finally tracked her down? We know Gong Yoo found the Goblin’s wife, at least in the drama. Even if it took him another lifetime to wait for the bride’s reincarnation. And we’re curious if the most wanted actor and eligible bachelor have met his muse in person.

Gong Yoo’s performance in the drama series Goblin made every lady swoon, earning him the moniker “national husband” in South Korea. His celebrity prompted interest in his personal life.

Gong Yoo’s girlfriend, is he married, and who is his wife are all questions that arise. Consider the dating scandals that engulfed every woman’s fantasies.

Since he is unmarried, many followers wanted to know what qualities he is searching for in a woman.

Gong Yoo eventually spoke up and informed the media who he thought would be the ideal type of person. In response to a question on what kind of women he prefers, Gong Yoo noted on the TV show that his optimal types appeared to be different from what he had when he was younger.

He admitted that he used to like fashionable women but then switched to regular women.

The on-screen character also mentioned that he might be looking for a tomboyish girl. He stated that naive ladies are dull to him and that he is more attracted to tomboyish gals. Yoon Eun Hye, who co-starred with him in Coffee Prince, is someone who fits the class of this perfect sort, according to Yoo.

gong yoo wife
gong yoo wife

Gong Yoo’s verified, rumoured, and dating ladies are listed below:

Eun Hye Yoon
Sun Ah Lee Min-jung Jeon Do-yeon Im Soo Jung Kim Go Eun Kim
Let’s take a look at each of these lovely ladies and their relationship with Gong Yoo:

Who can forget Yoon Eun Hye’s character Go Eun Chan from the 2007 film “Coffee Prince”? It has sparked debates and captured the hearts of many. Anyone who saw Eun Hye force her way into Gong Yoo’s room will remember the heated kissing moment.

It was realistic and seductive, leading people to believe they were dating. Even after their reunion in 2020, they verified nothing between the two.

Yoon Eun Hye even claimed that the kisses she exchanged with Gong Yoo were the greatest she had ever experienced.

Gong Yoo was asked the same question at a press conference: “Who is your ideal type?” He said that he would like a tomboy. In 1st Shop of Coffee, Eun Hye played a tomboy. However, he stated that he did not want people to think that way.

Im Soo Jung is a desired actress who has previously worked with several A-list actors. Gong Yoo first joined the cast in 2010 with the film “Finding Mr. Destiny.” The energy between them was palpable, especially when they admitted to each other their actual feelings.

Im Soo Jung appears to have gotten the most attention out of all the women with whom Gong Yoo has worked. They allegedly married in secret and then divorced. Both sides denied the scandal, claiming that they are merely good friends.

Kim Go Eun

After the publication of “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God” in 2016, the goblin’s bride has become a cultural figure. She stole the heart of the goblin who has been waiting for her for ages while playing Ji Eun Tak in this epic film. Despite their age gap, Go Eun and Gong Yoo had great chemistry. With each love scene, made everyone’s heart quiver and flush.

Go Eun was in a relationship with an older man at the time. However, she was said to have split up with her lover just before the end of the series. As if the fire wasn’t already enough. Go Eun shared a wedding photo with Gong Yoo in the drama, fueling speculation that she is Gong Yoo’s girlfriend. However, they both denied that they were dating.

“There are a lot of charming people,  Kim Go Eun is charming. Maybe I’m getting old, but it makes me happy when i see the people make their first appearances at the stage. It makes me feel good” the actor said.

The agency for Kim Go Eun responded in kind, requesting that the public not misinterpret Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun’s relationship.

Gong Yoo first worked with Kim Sun Ah in the romantic comedy film “S Diary” in his early career. Between the two, there had been no rumours. Sun Ah was interviewed on a talk show in 2017 and revealed that Gong Yoo is her ideal type

. There had been no additional speculation between the two about whether she was Gong Yoo’s girlfriend or not.

Gong Yoo collaborated with Kim Sun Ah in the romantic comedy film “S Diary” early in his career. There were no rumours about the two of them. Sun Ah, on the other hand, was interviewed on a talk show in 2017 and revealed that Gong Yoo is her ideal type. Apart from that, there had been no additional conjecture as to whether or not she was Gong Yoo’s girlfriend.

You may see why Gong Yoo would have been partnered with Jeon Do-yeon if you see the hot plot and romance of the film “A Man and a Woman.” The forbidden love affair in the film, as well as a beautiful behind-the-scenes encounter, sparked interest in the two’s connection.

Both worked well together, most likely because they work for the same company, Management Soop. Furthermore, Do-yeon married a businessman before the movie was shot.

Gong Yoo Wife / Married

In 2016, reports of Gong’s secret marriage to actress Im Soo Jung circulated in the media, however Gong’s manager denied the accusations in October of that year.

When Gong Yoo eventually gets married, he promised to inform his supporters first.

In the interview, Gong Yoo acknowledged that he needs to marry and have a child before he becomes 40. He continued by saying that he would relish the opportunity to marry a woman who he adores and appreciates him.

and that marriage life will be difficult at times, but that he must experience everything, no matter how difficult. Gong also considers what it’s like for his child to look at him.

Love life Bio Summary

Girlfriend Single
Marital Status Unmarried
Wife/Spouse N/A
Son N/A
Daughter N/A

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