The GTA 6 Map Leak Shows a Truly Massive Open World

Oh no, it’s Grand Theft Auto VI! While Rockstar has yet to release a trailer for the next Grand Theft Auto game, a big leak that occurred online last month has already revealed far more about the game than the developer would want. The protagonists and Vice City’s location have been leaked.

As reported by Games Radar+, one Reddit user has gone above and beyond the leaks to speculate on the game’s size. The leak’s coordinates, along with those for Los Santos in GTA V, have been used by the Church of GTA to construct a map of what the area of GTA VI would look like.

GTA 6 Map

Even if the leak from last month is confirmed, some aspects, such as the size of the map, may change. Given the early stage of production during which the leaked footage was shot, it is possible that such elements will be altered before the game’s release. With that caveat out of the way, have a look at this radical deviation from the norm.

Independent of the confirmed genuine leak, a source said earlier this year that more cities would be added to GTA VI following its release. Whether or not these cities were included in the previously released map coordinates remains unknown, but if they weren’t, the game may potentially expand in a very strange way.
At any rate, here’s hoping we don’t have to wait too long for the big reveal of the complete title in all its glory. Concerns that Grand Theft Auto VI’s map is “too big” have been fueled by the leaked footage from Rockstar Games’ security breach.

The release of information about current Vice City, two player characters named Jason and Lucia, as well as dialogue, animations, and stages from Grand Theft Auto VI, proved devastating for the developer. The hacker also claimed to have acquired Grand Theft Auto V’s source code, assets, and internal builds, revealing all of them to the public. In the grand scheme of a billion-dollar corporation, it might not seem like much. But these kinds of things nonetheless have a major demoralizing effect on morale and can mislead people about what it’s like to work in the game industry.

Fans are scrambling to make sense of the situation while Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive try to figure out what it all means. Even so, they were quite crafty about it. Groups of fans were filling in the blanks with an outline they had created using screenshots from Google Earth and Microsoft Paint. It’s unfortunate that their hard work seems to have come to a halt.

User “Church Of GTA” on Twitter shared a screenshot comparing the locations of Los Santos and the looted Vice City. Take a peek at this.

Quite a bit has changed. Interestingly, even though this has been something that they have been hoping for for a long time, fans aren’t over the moon about it. In our opinion, bigger isn’t always better. Maintain a San Andreas-like symbiosis of rural and urban areas. There are way too many empty, “connected with another” mountains in GTA 5. This updated Vice City map may not be to scale since the leaking movie was filmed in 2021.

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