Guillermo Del Toro Net Worth: When He Appears On Jimmy Kimmel Live, How Much Does He Get Paid?

The romantic dark fantasy picture “The Shape of Water,” directed by Mexican filmmaker Guillermo del Toro, won “Best Picture” at the 90th Academy Awards. For his efforts behind the camera, del Toro was also named the film’s “Best Director.”

Guillermo Del Toro Net Worth

He’s also worked as a producer and a special effects makeup artist in addition to writing novels and screenplays. The picture received thirteen nominations and two further wins, but it was not his first Oscar. For “Pan’s Labyrinth,” another one of his grim fantasy pictures, he won three Academy Awards.

Cronos, The Devil’s Backbone, Blade II, Hellboy, and Pacific Rim are also among his most successful films. Both the novel and TV series of The Strain were co-written by him and Chuck Hogan; he also contributed “To the Hobbit.”

Before becoming a director, he spent five years working in the field of special effects makeup. He is close with Alfonso Cuarón and Alejandro G. Iárritu, two more well-known Mexican filmmakers who are often grouped as “The Three Amigos of Cinema.”

Guillermo Del Toro Net Worth

Guillermo del Toro, a director from Mexico, has made $40 million. The visual effects in two of Del Toro’s most well-known fantasy films, “Pan’s Labyrinth” and “The Shape of Water,” were nominated for Academy Awards.

Guillermo is equally at home making small films with enormous budgets as he is working on Hollywood blockbusters. Guillermo is not just a filmmaker but also a writer, producer, and effects makeup artist.

Among his many accomplishments is the publication of many novels, many of which have been turned into comic book series. Del Toro has always been drawn to stories with fantastical creatures, otherworldly terror, and religious overtones.

Some of these elements appear in several of his movies. This year, Guillermo received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame as one of the most important persons in the world (2019). Guillermo’s compensation on Jimmy Kimmel Live! is $50,000 per year.

Guillermo del Toro’s Early Life

On October 9, 1964, in the city of Guadalajara in the Mexican state of Jalisco, Guillermo del Toro Gomez was born into the world. Guillermo’s family is deeply rooted in the Catholic faith, and he was raised in that environment. Del Toro started making short films at the tender age of eight, using his father’s Super 8 camera.

Del Toro attended the University of Guadalajara after finishing high school. Guillermo began his career with a series of short films. He contributed to the show in numerous ways, including writing and directing, throughout its first several seasons. Guillermo then spent the next eleven years in the field of special effects makeup. He even established his own visual effects studio, Necropia.

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Guillermo del Toro’s Professional Life

Guillermo mimicked people from an early age. The Mexican director had a rough time. The studio handed him $30 million to make the movie, and he said they mistreated him, but he still made the movie.

Guillermo’s close friend James Cameron confronted Harvey Weinstein about his treatment of Guillermo at the 70th Academy Awards. Del Toro did not mature as a creative force until the early 2000s.

His first film in Hollywood, Blade II, was a huge success, and his second, Hellboy (2004), was widely praised. The launch of his critically acclaimed film The Devil’s Backbone occurred around this time as well. In 2006, a film called Pan’s Labyrinth came out, which was similar to the original but with its unique twists.

The film’s three Academy Award wins helped cement Guillermo’s reputation as a cinematic visionary. Despite having been contracted in 2008 to direct “The Hobbit,” Peter Jackson ended up directing the film himself. The Strain, del Toro’s first novel, came out in the late aughts.

In the years that followed, two further works—both novels—about a vampire apocalypse was published. In the 2010s, he found fame as a film producer thanks to blockbusters like “Pacific Rim,” which made $411 million around the world. He directed the scary thriller “Crimson Peak” in 2015.

Upon the 2017 release of “The Shape of Water,” del Toro was honored with Best Picture and Best Director Oscars. Guillermo started production on “Trollhunters” in the late 2010s, and it quickly became one of Netflix’s most popular kids’ shows.

According to reports, he announced a gloomy stop-motion film named “The Adventures of Pinocchio,” a retelling of Mussolini’s rise to power, near the conclusion of the decade.

Background Information of Guillermo Del Toro

While attending the Instituto de Ciencias in Guadalajara, Guillermo del Toro began dating Lorenza Newton, the cousin of Mexican singer Guadalupe Pineda. After getting married and having two children together, the couple decided to go their separate ways in September 2017.

In 1997, when his father was kidnapped in Guadalajara, he sought the assistance of his friend and fellow filmmaker, James Cameron, to pay the ransom. His father was kidnapped and released 72 days later; the kidnappers were never found. He and his family then “involuntarily exiled” themselves to another country.

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