Hencha Voigt Net Worth: One Of The Wealthiest Lady In U.S

Hencha Voigt has dated several men before, but she is currently seeing Serge Aurier. Eventually, she and he will tie the knot.

Hencha Voigt Net Worth

Hencha Voigt Net Worth

As of the year 2022, Hencha Voigt has amassed $3 million in wealth. She has proven her dedication to her career over the course of several years. Voigt’s involvement in TV shows has also contributed significantly to her fame and wealth. She has also found great success in the fields of nutrition and fitness training and modelling, where she has worked for some time. The conclusion is that Hencha Voigt is an extremely accomplished person, that her future is bright and that her accomplishments to date are astounding. Voigt has persevered through adversity and been rewarded handsomely for her efforts. She enjoys tremendous renown among sports fans. Hencha’s dated pretty much every NBA and MLB player. She has found true happiness with her boyfriend and their daughter.

Biography of Hencha Voigt

On November 11, 1987, Hencha Voigt entered the world in New York City. She has become one of the most famous and wealthiest people in the United States. She has achieved great success in the fields of modelling, acting, nutrition, and fitness. The founder of the FUBU modelling agency, Coogi, came upon Hencha Voigt. She eventually became a certified nutritionist and fitness instructor. Hencha Voigt is an extremely famous athlete. She has been linked to every active NBA player and is currently seeing a football player. She is still a young girl and has a long way to go.

Hencha Voigt’s Early life

While Hencha Voigt’s birthplace was in New York City, she and her family eventually settled in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. He was with her for a huge chunk of his formative years. Voigt has been very secretive about her childhood and the people who raised her. Hencha was a talented young lady who played multiple sports at a high level all through her academic career. She had Haitian ancestry, but she hadn’t seen her relatives in the country since she was 17 years old, when they fled the country’s political instability. It was beginning to take on the air of a political battlefield. They uprooted their lives and established new ones in the United States.

College Career of Hencha

Hencha Voigt has not disclosed much information regarding her academic history. For the most part of her life, she avoided the spotlight. I am unable to comment on her academic background because I am ignorant about the subject. She participated in many sports during her school years, including basketball, football, and others. That’s why she plays basketball and football, after all.

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Profession of Hencha

Hencha Voigt is an accomplished and well-known individual. As a dietician and fitness trainer, she is top-notch. She has always been very health-conscious and now she actively promotes this lifestyle to others. Hencha Voigt is another well-known model.

As soon as FUBU’s owner, Coogi, saw her, she launched a successful career as a model. She’s worked as a model for them for a long time. Because of his rising stardom, she decided to go out on her own. She eventually became a trainer and still regularly posts fitness-related content online. Actress Hencha Voigt has been in several TV series. Hencha Voigt rose to prominence after her major role in Wags Miami. The E! Network aired this reality show. By participating, she gained fame and fortune.

Hencha has run afoul of the law on multiple occasions. When confronted with extortion charges, she vehemently disputed the allegations. Hencha Voigt was also in deep trouble because she was accused of creating an s*x tape of herself.

Hencha Voigt’s Personal Life

There have been multiple partners for Hencha Voigt. Her private life is always action-packed. For as long as anyone can remember, Hencha has had a thing for sportsmen. She has dated virtually every active NBA and MLB player. She was seen hanging around with famous people like Zab Judah and Julius Peppers and Glen Davies. Serge Aurier and Hencha are seeing each other at the moment. For Tottenham Hotspur in the English Premier League, Serge is a vital member of the team. He is very close with Voigt, and the two of them are about to get married. She, too, is the mother of a daughter, albeit the father of her unborn child is unknown. Hencha is blissful in her relationship with her husband and their daughter. She’s great at both diet and fitness, and she even does personal training on the side. Her health and fitness levels are through the roof. Photos of her can be found on her many social media profiles. She is responsible for some of the island’s most enticing and provocative photography.

Awards & Nominations

Hencha Voigt has not won any prestigious honours just yet. But she’s a great person, and we hope she wins some honours in the future. Voigt has a trim, healthy, nearly ideal body. As both a dietician and a fitness trainer, she comes highly recommended. She recommends that everyone else go to the gym every chance they have.

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