Henry Cejudo Net Worth Explored: How Rich is He?

Henry Cejudo Net Worth is explored in this article. Henry Cejudo is an American professional mixed martial artist and freestyle wrestler. He was born on February 9, 1987.

He developed a passion for martial arts at a young age and has consistently risen through the rankings to become one of the most in-demand mixed martial artists. Cejudo is the fourth UFC fighter to simultaneously hold titles in two weight classes and the second to defend titles in two weight divisions.

How Much is Henry Cejudo Net Worth in 2023?

The estimated net worth of Henry Cejudo in 2023 is approximately $2 Million. The majority of his income comes from his highly anticipated UFC battles. In addition, the numerous brands that support him contribute a minor portion of Cejudo’s net worth.

Henry Cejudo’s net worth is anticipated to be close to three million dollars by the end of 2023. He has earned such a significant sum as a professional mixed martial artist and freestyle wrestler.

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How Much is Henry Cejudo’s Paycheck Salary?

Cejudo earned $390,000 for his last fight against Dominick Cruz at UFC 249, which included $350,000 in base pay and $40,000 from sponsorship agreements.

henry cejudo net worth

What are Henry Cejudo’s Endorsements?

Throughout his career, Cejudo had multiple sponsors, including Reebok, his primary sponsor. Additionally, he was sponsored by Everlast, Body Armour, Onnit, and MetroPCS. He also posted about his own collection on his twitter account as his autographed edition prints which is linked below:

Which Cars Does Henry Cejudo Own?

Henry Cejudo possesses three vehicles: a 2020 black Jeep Gladiator, a 2012 beige Mercedes-Benz ML350, and a 2020 black GMC Sierra 1500 Denali. In 2020, he purchased a Jeep from Lifted Trucks and posted a photo with his UFC championship titles.

The Mercedes-Benz serves as his daily vehicle and provides him with comfort and performance. His sponsors gave him a GMC Sierra with a personalized license plate bearing his stage moniker, Triple C.

Some Other Facts to Know:

He is the only individual to have won an Olympic gold medal and a UFC title. He is the former UFC Flyweight Champion and Bantamweight Champion. Cejudo is regarded as one of the finest combat athletes of all time due to his achievements in mixed martial arts and freestyle wrestling.

During his wrestling career, he competed at 55 kilograms, and at the 2008 Summer Olympics, at age 21, he became the fastest American to win an Olympic wrestling gold medal.

Cejudo won many titles in the Pan American Continental Championships and the United States National Championships, in addition to winning the 2007 Pan American Games.

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After successfully defending his championship against Dominick Cruz on May 9, 2020, Cejudo called it a career and retired from professional fighting. Cejudo announced his return to the ring in April 2022, and his subsequent encounter was scheduled for Saturday, May 6, 2023.

Cejudo challenged Aljamain Sterling for the UFC Bantamweight Championship at UFC 288 on May 6, 2023, nearly three years after his previous encounter. The fight occurred at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, and at the conclusion, Sterling was declared the winner by a split decision.

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