Know what happened in Road Rage Incident? Hingham Cop Pulls Gun and Yells Racial Slurs!

In a road rage incident, a Hingham cop is accused of pulling a gun and yelling racist slurs. As per departmental protocol, Joel Salituri has been placed on administrative leave.

A police officer from Hingham, Massachusetts, was charged last week because of an incident from the previous year in which he is alleged to have pulled a revolver and yelled racial epithets at a man after a road rage incident.

The Middlesex District Attorney’s Office said on Monday that Joel Salituri, 43, of Stoneham, has been charged with assault with a dangerous weap0n. According to the prosecution, the accusations relate to an incident on December 26, 2022, at about 5 p.m., while Salituri and another Stoneham man were traveling on Interstate 93 North.

Hingham Cop Pulls Gun and Yells Racial Slurs
Hingham Cop Pulls Gun and Yells Racial Slurs

Salituri claims that when the two cars left the highway, he followed the other driver until he stopped in a Stoneham, Massachusetts, parking lot. They claimed that at that point, Salituri pulled up next to the other man’s car and started ranting and using abusive language, including racial epithets, while waving a gun. Salituri allegedly revealed to the man that he was a police officer.

According to the district attorney’s office, Salituri was not on duty then. Police were notified about the occurrence by the victim, and after a show cause hearing, probable cause was established, leading to the filing of a crim!nal complaint.

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According to the departmental procedure, Salituri has been placed on administrative leave by the Hingham Police Department, according to the district attorney’s office. On the Hingham police website, he is identified as an officer in the traffic division.

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In Woburn District Court on Friday, Salituri was charged. He was granted free on a personal recognizance bond with a prohibition against approaching the victim. On May 24, he is expected to appear in court once more.

The district attorney’s office stated that more charges relating to the racial epithets Salituri claimed to have used were conceivable.

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