Holyoke Murder Suspect Surrenders Himself

Holyoke Murder Suspect Surrenders Himself Who Was on Massachusetts’ Most Wanted List!

Holyoke murder suspect and Massachusetts’ Most Wanted participant surrenders, bringing an end to the manhunt. A Holyoke murder suspect just added to the Most Wanted list by the Massachusetts State Police has turned himself in to authorities.

Evdyele Oniel Pabon Flores, age 21, of Springfield, Massachusetts, turned himself in at Holyoke District Court on Thursday at about 10:30 a.m., according to the State Police Spokesperson David Procopio. His attorney accompanied Flores at the time of his surrender.

Holyoke police officers transported him to the station, where he was booked and processed, and then they brought him back to court so that he could be charged on a charge of murder. What exactly happened at Holyoke? 

Pabon Flores’s bail for a separate case in Chicopee District Court has been canceled, and he will be jailed without bail for the charge of the murder he is facing. Last Monday, his name was put on the Most Wanted list maintained by the Massachusetts State Police.

Holyoke Murder Suspect Surrenders Himself
Holyoke Murder Suspect Surrenders Himself

On December 7, 2022, in Holyoke, Pabon Flores was suspected of killing Luis Ramos, who was 49 years old and from Chicopee. A report of shots being fired at the intersection of Pine and Sargeant Streets prompted the dispatch of law enforcement to the scene.

Upon arrival, they discovered two unoccupied automobiles involved in an accident, along with several expended casings. In addition, they found several containers. After searching the area, the officers found Ramos lying on the ground face down with a gunshot wound to his stomach.

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Pabon Flores was identified as the alleged gunman, and the driver of one of the automobiles after an inquiry by the police revealed his identity. It is reported that he shot more than ten rounds at Ramos, who was in the second vehicle at the time of the incident. Have a look at the tweet linked below:

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