2 Died in Hyde Park Boston District Shooting

How Many Di*d in Hyde Park Boston District Shooting? Investigation Started by Massachusetts Authorities!

According to the authorities, a shooting in the Hyde Park district of Boston resulted in the de@ths of two young men. The investigation being conducted by the authorities in Massachusetts focuses on determining what led to the shooting.

The Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office sent a statement through a spokeswoman stating that both shooting victims were in their 20s. However, the spokesperson did not provide any other information.

Shortly after 9:35 p.m. on Saturday, the Boston Police Department received a complaint of a shooting that took place in the neighborhood of 36 Dedham Street.

2 Died in Hyde Park Boston District Shooting
2 Died in Hyde Park Boston District Shooting

The officers who responded discovered a man suffering from a gunshot wound inside a vehicle that was parked close to the property in question. The medical examiner determined that the subject was deceased at the spot.

Dedham Street resident Carl Baggs, who was watching television in his home at the time of the shooting said:

“I thought somebody was banging on my window. That’s how loud it was. I come upstairs and I see the car rolling really slow into the (utility) pole, and it just stopped — and it stayed there started, for hours.”

On April 22, 2023, the location of a tragic shooting that took place was in the vicinity of 36 Dedham Street in the Hyde Park district of Boston.

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Officers from the Boston Police Department were patrolling the area around Dedham Street when they received word that a man who had been shot and was sent to Milton Hospital had passed away as a result of his injuries.

The death of that individual is suspected to be connected to the gunshot in Hyde Park, according to the investigators.

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Authorities have not been able to positively identify either of the victims of the shooting. The investigation into the incident is still active and ongoing, although there have been no arrests made.

Anyone who may have information regarding the incident is urged to contact the homicide detectives of the Boston Police Department at the number 617-343-4470.

Call the Crime Stoppers Tip Line at 1-800-494-8477 or text the word “TIP” to 27463 if you want to provide information to the organization without revealing your identity.

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