How Old Is Brenda Gantt? Her Biography, Net Worth and More

Brenda Gantt is a former educator, currently works as a chef, and is well-known on social media. She gained most of her fame through posting culinary videos on Facebook, and she is planning to publish her first cookbook, titled “It’s Gonna Be Good, Y’all,” in the latter part of 2021. Because of the epidemic, the United States of America and the rest of the globe went into lockdown in the spring of 2020. Because Brenda Gantt noticed that her own company was being impacted, she decided to post a video on her Facebook page demonstrating how to make homemade biscuits.

However, the video in question became so popular that it was viewed by people all over the world. At the time, her page was only visited by her closest friends. The video garnered more than a million views in less than two weeks after it was uploaded. She was inundated with requests for movies about her home cuisine from people she had never heard of. This led to the beginning of a phenomenon.

How Old Is Brenda Gantt

Brenda Gantt Wikipedia-Bio

Brenda Gantt established the Cooking with Brenda Gantt Facebook page with the assistance of her son-in-law, who is very knowledgeable in technology. She proceeded to post videos on the internet and stumbled into a group of people who were under house arrest and searching for some savory Southern comfort food.

Her profile currently has over 2.5 million followers and has had 6.3 thousand reviews, all of which rated it a flawless 5 stars. However, Brenda’s culinary skills are not the only factor that contributed to her rise to fame on social media. It’s her warm, welcoming demeanor, her genuine kindness, and her witty personality. Although Brenda is a devoted Christian, the fact that she is a believer actually serves to connect her to her audience rather than alienate them. Brenda’s prominence on Facebook pushed her to start an Instagram page, where she already has close to 190 thousand followers.

Later on, in 2018, she will publish her first cookbook, which is going to be titled “It’s Gonna Be Good, Y’all.” The cookbook includes more than a hundred of Brenda’s most famous recipes, such as her homemade biscuits, tomato gravy, mac and cheese, chocolate fudge pie, and many others. These dishes helped make Brenda a household name all over the world.

The Net Worth of Brenda Gantt and Her Sources of Income

Brenda Gantt, who is known as Alabama’s favorite grandmother, is estimated to have a net worth of $500,000. Brenda, who is now in her sixties, has reached a point in her life when she is more successful than she has ever been before. Gantt shot to fame online after a video of her cooking on Facebook went viral and propelled her to new heights of fame. She presently has two and a half million followers on Facebook, and her videos have millions of views each.

In addition to this, she has become a well-known figure in the community, and guests from all over the world travel to her bed and breakfast, which is owned by her family and is known as The Cottle House Bed & Breakfast. Brenda is in the process of advertising her debut cookbook, which has been given the title “It’s Gonna Be Good, Y’all” and can be pre-ordered for a price that starts at $34.95.

How old is Brenda Gantt? Her Age and Birthday

At the time that this was written, Brenda Gantt was in the middle of her seventies. When she first gained widespread attention in the year 2020, she was a 74-year-old veteran educator who had recently retired. Since then, Brenda has rarely taken it easy while simultaneously directing operations at The Cottle House Bed & Breakfast and keeping an active presence on social media.

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Brenda Gantt’s Husband Died in 2018

After being married to George Patton Gantt for half a century, Brenda Gantt left a widow towards the end of 2018 when George Patton Gantt passed away at the age of 72. George was a graduate of Livingston University with a degree in commerce. He was a native of the city of Andalusia, Alabama. He served in the United States Marine Corps after being drafted and was eventually discharged with honor.

Even after serving his sentence in full, George continued his career in law enforcement by becoming an officer with the Alabama Beverage Control Board. After 25 years, he took early retirement from his positions as Chief and Director. George continued to run the Hickory Ridge Lodge and Sweetgum Bottom Antiques when he retired from the workforce. In addition to this, George and Brenda co-managed the bed and breakfast known as The Cottle House.

In addition to this, George was a devoted follower of Christ and spent the better part of three decades working as a teacher at the Bethany Baptist Church. On September 23, 2018, he passed away at his home in Andalusia due to natural causes while his devoted wife was present. The Bethany Baptist Church was chosen to be the location of his burial.

Children and Grandchildren

Son Dallas Gantt and daughter Hannah Gantt are Brenda Gantt’s children from her marriage to her late husband, who passed away. Her two children are now grownups who each have their own families to care for them. As was the case with Dallas Gantt’s father before him, Dallas Gantt has followed in his footsteps and is now an officer for the Tuscaloosa Police Department. Together, he and his wife, a fellow officer named Anna Gantt, raised two children: a girl named Isabella Gantt and a son named William Gantt. Likewise, Hannah Gantt is married to Walt Merrell, who is a District Attorney in the state of Alabama. Their names are Bay Merrell, Cape Merrell, and Banks Merrell, and they have three daughters.

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