In Oregon, a Witness Claims to Have Seen a 100-foot-long Saucer-shaped Object

100-foot-long Saucer-Shaped: According to the National UFO Reporting Center, a witness in Portland, Oregon saw a saucer-shaped object travelling from south to north in the sky on October 1, 2022, around 8 p.m. (NUFORC). The eyewitness attempted to count the number of red lights located around the object’s perimeter.

Oregon Claims to Have Seen a 100-foot-long Saucer-Shaped Object

According to the reported witness, there were seven people present. “The largest one was in the centre, with intermittent pulses. Others were less bright and active, but still shone brightly like stars. The lights, as seen by the eyewitness, appeared to be circling the spaceship as it moved slowly from south to north. The use of binoculars provided the witness with a better view.

It was pitch black inside the spaceship. I could only make out the very bottom border of the night sky because it was so dark. This occurrence occurred about two miles to my east, 10 degrees above the horizon. It’s probably about a hundred feet long.”

The report was due on October 11, 2022, and it was made public on December 22, 2022, but it lacked any visuals. Some of the witness quotes have been shortened for clarity. UFO sightings should be reported to the Mutual UFO Network or NUFORC (MUFON).

Legal Matters in Oregon

According to MUFON’s December bulletin, Oregon had the twelfth-most UFO sightings in the United States in November 2022, with 15 reports. With 47 reports, California was the state with the most. In the month of November 2022, there were a total of 36 disc cases reported across the country.

Portland, Oregon’s Past and Present

According to testimony submitted to the National UFO Reporting Center, a witness in Portland, Oregon saw a hovering, round-shaped object the size of a house on July 15, 1963, around 11 p.m. (NUFORC).

The witness spent the weekend with a relative. Her mother and sister raised the cousin in Portland’s Northeast neighborhood. In an unexpected turn of events, the cousin’s sister informed the rest of the group that she had just seen a flying saucer hovering over the park from across the street.

100-foot-long Saucer-Shaped

Because the witness and her companion were also watching Science Fiction Theatre, she mistook it for a joke at first. The witness’s aunt, on the other hand, confirmed the story. Everyone filed out the front door quickly.

The UFO was “seeming to hover” over the Hollywood district in east Portland, about a mile south of where they were by the time the reporting witness reached the second floor. As it hovered, a bank of greenish lights could be seen, followed by another bank of whitish lights that appeared to be standard incandescent bulbs.

The item’s lights rotated clockwise, revealing that it was still hovering in place. After about 10 minutes, it had moved to the east, then to the north, near the Portland airport.

They called airport control to see if anyone in the tower had seen anything unusual on the radar. They were told it was a plane flying with a banner behind it.

This was made illogical by the fact that it was 11 p.m. And when my cousin’s sister thought it was over her mother-in-law, she called the law to inform her that something round, “as big as a house,” and silent had flown overhead. All you could hear was a “whoosh” as it passed.

Because our technology did not yet have the capability of creating noiseless, spherical objects capable of hovering in 1963, the witness has been astounded by the sighting for all these years.

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