iPad 10th Gen. The Most Substantial Update In “Many Years”

Apple’s cheapest iPad has been more evolutionary than revolutionary, with incremental changes each year that mostly consists of a better processor and a few new functions. MySmartPrice claims to have seen renderings of Apple’s upcoming entry-level iPad, and if they’re accurate, it will have a larger screen and a new design. New features, design revisions, technical data, and pricing information for the highly anticipated new 10th-generation iPad are all compiled here.

iPad 10th gen

What is The Expected Arrival Date of The iPad 10th Gen.?

Since upgrading from a 9.7-inch display to a larger 10.2-inch size, Apple has found a comfortable rhythm. Recent iPad releases have all taken place in September, consistent with Apple’s annual iPad refresh pattern:

  • The release date for the ninth-generation iPad is September 2021.
  • iOS 8 iPad release date: September 2020
  • Seventh-generation iPad: September 2019

Apple didn’t unveil a new iPad during its Far Out event on September 7, so a new iPad is likely coming in October, in keeping with its annual update schedule. Apple will likely debut new hardware alongside the first version of iPadOS 16, therefore the company has pushed back the release date to October.

No one knows if the new iPad will be announced at the October Apple Event or through a press release. Learn more about the upcoming Apple Event. However, the iPad we know and love may not be refreshed in October 2022. Gurman said in a newsletter sent out on October 16 that “Apple Inc.’s newest iPad Pro is arriving in a matter of days,” thus a new iPad Pro may be released in the week of October 17.

Gurman also reported that “Apple is also working on a new entry-level tablet with a USB-C port and a design that is comparable to the iPad Pro.” This tablet will be “the most major update to that series in recent years,” according to Gurman. It sounds like we’re talking about a basic iPad here.

Even while “the entry-level device normally only gets annual processor improvements,” he says the next release could “signal a bit of a strategy shift away from the annual updates,” thus it’s unclear whether or not this iPad will also be released the week of October 17. Accordingly, we infer that Gurman anticipates a longer delay before the release of the next-generation iPad. If Gurman is true, an iPad release in the spring of 2023 is more likely than one in October of 2022. However, Gurman doesn’t make any romantic overtures.

How much will the newest iPad 10th Gen. cost?

We don’t anticipate a change in the $329 price tag that the cheapest iPad has carried in the United States for the previous few iterations. There is a chance that prices in the United Kingdom will go up because of inflation and currency fluctuations. and somewhere else as well, thanks to the latest models being unveiled. The U.K. The release of the M2 MacBook Pro and Air, as well as the iPhone 14, has resulted in a general increase in Apple product pricing, and this trend is expected to continue. Here is how current and recent model prices stand:

  • The 9.7-inch iPad Pro is available for £319 (or €329)
  • An iPad 10.2″ (8th Gen) will set you back a cool 329 dollars, 300 pounds, or 300 euros.
  • Pricing for the iPad 10.2″ (7th Gen): $329 (or £349 or €349)

What will the iPad 10th Gen. look like?

The 10.2-inch iPad is the only model in the line to still maintain the original design characteristics after the iPad mini received a significant revamp last year that saw the removal of the Home button and a switch to a more colourful shell, but this may soon change.

We heard reports in 2021 that instead of a total redesign, Apple was going to use the iPad Air’s form factor for its budget tablet. The display size would expand to 10.5 inches, but else functionality would remain the same. More recent rumours, however, have stated that the iPad would sport a new look to match its larger screen. Potentially, the new model will be offered in a wider range of colours than only silver and space grey.

MySmartPrice’s renderings show a redesigned iPad that, like the iPad Pro, has flatter corners. From the looks of the renders, the new iPad will be similar to the present 9th generation iPad in terms of hardware, including a Home button, but with noticeably narrower side bezels. It appears the new iPad will ditch the Home button in favour of an “all-screen” display, as MacTakara defines it as “a bigger design of the iPad mini (6th generation). MySmartPrice claims that the dimensions of the new iPad will be 248 x 179 x 6.98 mm, making it somewhat larger than the current model’s 250 x 174 x 7.50 mm.

“Apple is working on a new entry-level tablet with a USB-C port and a design that is comparable to the iPad Pro, extending that look to yet another gadget,” reported Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman in his newsletter on October 16. ‘This new low-end iPad will be the most major change to that range in some years,’ he said.

Home button and Touch ID

The iPad’s Home button with Touch ID could be removed this year, or it could be moved elsewhere if one of the reported designs pans out. MySmartPrice claims that its images of the tablet’s design reveal that it will retain a physical Home button on its front panel. If the rumours from MacTakara are to be believed, however, the iPad Pro will feature a home button and Touch ID sensor on the top, just like the iPad Air and iPad mini.


The rumoured next iPad will have a larger 10.5-inch display, up from the current 10.2 inches. There was also speculation that Apple’s next-generation iPhone might include a laminated display. However, in contrast to previous models, which used laminated glass that was flush against the display, the current model has a small separation between the glass and the touch panel.

Features of The 10th Gen. iPad: Will it Have a Quicker Processor?

We can’t be sure that the new iPad will appear any different, but we can be sure that Apple will be improving its internal components. What we hope to see in the updated version is detailed below.

Modernized CPU

Given Apple’s history of incremental improvements, it’s likely that the A13 Bionic processor in the 10.2-inch iPad (2021) will be replaced by the A15 Bionic chip in the iPad mini (A10, A12, A13). It’s remarkable if the new model does indeed adopt an M1 chip, as suggested by the MacTakara article.


The iPad mini 4 is the final iPad model to include Apple’s Lightning connector. Since the iPad Pro, Air, and mini all made the conversion to USB-C in 2018, 2020, and 2021, Apple should finish the transition and make things clearer for iPad customers. Lightning to USB-C port conversion is rumoured for the upcoming iPad. There is a strong possibility that the next iPad will use USB-C because of a new rule in the European Union mandating its use in mobile devices.


According to 9 to 5Mac’s rumour mill, this will be the first iPad not to include 5G connectivity, as the base model iPad is the company’s last tablet without faster networking. It is more likely to handle sub-6Ghz frequencies, like the iPad mini, than mmWave frequencies, which are used by the iPhone 14 and iPad Pro.


There have been rumours that Apple is moving the cameras to the top of the device, in a fashion similar to the iPhone X. Renders from MySmartPrice suggest it will stick with a single camera, albeit the sensor has room to increase from the 8MP wide lens on previous models. The current version is also missing a flash, which might be rectified by adding an LED one. We don’t anticipate any changes to the front-facing camera as last year’s model already had a 12MP sensor thanks to Apple’s Center Stage software update.

Plug for headphones

This leaves the possibility that the iPad’s headphone jack is next to go. The 9th generation iPad is the last iPad to include a jack for external audio. While we patiently await the arrival of Apple’s newest tablet models, you can save as much money as possible on the iPad you already own by checking out our collection of the greatest iPad bargains. And don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with a compilation of 9th-generation iPad sales, too.

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