Irving Azoff Net Worth: Executive and Chairman of Full Stop Management

Full Stop Management is led by American entertainment executive and chairman Irving Azoff. Full Stop Management has a history of representing well-known musicians.

Irving Azoff Net Worth

Irving Azoff Net Worth

American businessman Irving Azoff has a $400 million fortune. Irving Azoff is an executive in the film and television business. Ticketmaster, Live Nation Entertainment, and IMG are just a few of the places he’s held executive positions. The likes of Christina Aguilera, Joe Walsh, Van Halen, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Steely Dan, Chelsea Handler, and Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac have all been represented by him in the music industry.

5 Years Net Worth Trend

Irving Azoff Net Worth In 2022

$400 million

Irving Azoff Net Worth In 2021

$380 million

Irving Azoff Net Worth In 2020

$360 million

Irving Azoff Net Worth In 2019

$340 million

Irving Azoff Net Worth In 2018

$320 million

Early Life of Irving Azoff

Azoff’s birthdate is 12 December 1947, and he was born in Danville, Illinois. While details regarding his early life and family are sketchy, we do know that he was raised in a Jewish household and went to Danville High School. He began booking and marketing local bands when he was still in high school and quickly realized he had a knack for it. While he was a student at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, he kept up the practice.

Irving Azoff’s Career & Profession

REO Speedwagon, a band originally from Champaign, was Azoff’s first major client. Then he took over Dan Fogelberg’s management. Along with Fogelberg, he relocated to Los Angeles in 1972 and found work with the management company Geffen-Roberts. Here at the firm, he was introduced to the Eagles. The two of them stayed together for the next forty years.

He worked in the Los Angeles area for over a decade before rising to the position of chairman of MCA Music Entertainment Group. The once-struggling record label turned into commercial success over his six-year tenure there. After he departed from MCA, he joined Warner Music Group and launched Giant Records. Most of the 1990s were spent under his leadership at the record company before Azoff decided to shift his focus back to artist management. He continued to manage musicians far into the 2000s, earning the title “Manager of the Year” from two different periodicals serving the touring industry. He established Front Line Management Group and served as its CEO. After Ticketmaster announced in October 2008 that it would acquire Front Line, Azoff took over as the company’s CEO. He became Live Nation’s chairman in February 2011. By 2012, he had become the music industry’s top dog, as measured by Billboard Magazine’s Power 100.

Eventually, in 2013, Azoff established Global Music Rights to manage performance rights. Artists including John Lennon, George Harrison, Bruno Mars, Pearl Jam, Metallica, and Bruce Springsteen all relied on the company to manage their publishing. During that same year, he and The Madison Square Garden Company debuted their joint business, Azoff MSG Entertainment (MSG). He was MSG’s consultant as well as chairman and chief executive officer. This organization oversaw the operation of multiple concert halls, including the Forum in Inglewood, California. The participation of Azoff MSG Entertainment in a lawsuit filed against the city of Inglewood to halt the development of a new arena for the Los Angeles Clippers generated some controversy. As it turned out, MSG had been trying to entice the Los Angeles Lakers back to the Forum once their lease at the Staples Center expired, according to leaked documents. MSG was also invested in preventing the development of the rival NBA team’s new arena.

Alongside Tim Leiweke, he established Oak View Group in 2015. The construction of the Belmont Park Arena in Milan, Italy is one of the firm’s most significant undertakings. Azoff and Oliver Chastan established the Iconic Artists Group in 2018. The corporation manages intellectual property for the entertainment industry. Several well-known musicians’ catalogs or interests were acquired by the company. These artists include David Crosby and The Beach Boys. In 2018, however, Nicki Minaj accused Azoff of smearing her impending tour to hurt his reputation. However, the tour seemingly patched things up, since Azoff soon after took over as Minaj’s manager. Most of her songwriting credits are managed by Global Music Rights as well.

As a recipient of the Ahmet Ertegun Award, presented annually to a non-performing music business professional who has spent their life promoting musicians and their music, Azoff was among the entrants into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in January 2020.

In addition to his musical career, Azoff has also been involved in the production of several successful films, such as “Fast Times at Ridgemont High,” “Urban Cowboy,” “Jack Frost,” “Above the Rim,” and “The Inkwell.” In 2012, he had an appearance in the documentary “Artifact,” which followed the band Thirty Seconds to Mars as they went to court against their record label. In 2015’s “Documentary Now!” spoof of “History of the Eagles,” he played a character that was mostly based on himself.

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Private Life of Irving Azoff

Shelli Azoff is the wife he has been happily married to for a while now. They have four children together: Jeffry, Allison, Cameron, and Jaye, although neither of them likes to talk about their family life. The couple bought The Apple Pan, one of the oldest eateries in Los Angeles that is still open today. Soon after, they formed a group of Los Angeles-based investors and bought Nate n Al’s. A Los Angeles institution since its inception in 1945, this eatery is among the city’s oldest.

Properties in the Real Estate Market

Irving and Shelli’s Malibu oceanfront property sold in 2012 for $10 million. Among their many other Malibu properties is a 12-acre plot that they still possess. They also have a mansion in Snowmass, Colorado, and other homes in La Quinta, California.

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