Is David Muir Married? Everything To Know About Abc Anchor’s Love Life!

David Muir is the host of ABC World News Tonight. He works in the news department at ABC. Is David Muir tied the knot? David Muir, the news anchor, has kept his love life quiet, so no one knows if he is married or still single.

It was said that he is gay by some people. In all of his work, no one has ever said that he was in a romantic relationship with them. Keep reading to find out everything you can about this anchor’s love life.

David Muir is an American reporter and one of the hosts of ABC News Magazine. From a young age, he wanted to be a reporter. He got his Bachelor of Arts in journalism with honours from Ithaca College in New York’s Park School of Communications.

He also went to Georgetown University to study at the Institute of Political Journalism. Muir started his career as an anchor on ABC’s World News on the weekends and as the main fill-in anchor. He is now living out his dream to the fullest.

David Muir’s Relationship With Kate Dries

Back in 2015, there were rumours that Muir was seeing Kate Dries. But he never told her for sure that they were dating. Kate wrote an article in October 2015 in which she said she was David’s girlfriend.

This article was called “Reports Say My Boyfriend David Muir Is a “Monster.” It was the first time in the business that this handsome anchor’s name had been linked to a girl. It says in the article,

“David and I became close right away. On our first date, he told me, “I thought Peter Jennings was the James Bond of the evening news.” I tried to be patient because David didn’t know that Peter was my first love, and I didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable.

But when I was with David, Peter quickly pushed me far away from my heart. I mean, just look at this guy.”

david muir married (1)
David Muir married (1)

Is David Muir Gay?

People named David Muir one of the Sexiest Men Alive in 2014. He was on the same list as Chris Hemsworth. A year later, it was said that he was dating another journalist, Gio Benitez.

Fans of Muir all over the world were crushed by this news. Several times, both of them were seen and photographed by the media at gay clubs. There were a lot of guesses, but none of them proved or disproved any of the rumours. But Benitez put an end to all of those rumours when he proposed to his boyfriend Tommy DiDario in 2015 and married him the next year.

Is David Muir Married? Who is His David Muir’s Wife

Many people think he’s married to Sean, who works with him. But we don’t have any proof of this yet. Many of David Muir’s fans are also curious about his wife and marriage.
He hasn’t gotten married yet, but that could change in the future. At least one person likes him. Regarding Sean when it comes to David Muir’s relationship, there are many rumours but no proof. Muir is 47 years old, and he still doesn’t have a girlfriend or a wife.

However, he is in a gay relationship. Since 2015, there have been rumours that he and Gio Benitez are dating.

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