Ja Morant Sued

Ja Morant Sued After Allegedly Punching Teen In Basketball Game At Tennessee Home

Ja Morant Sued: Ja Morant has been sued, according to TMZ Sports, after allegedly assaulting a minor during a basketball game at his Tennessee home in July. In September, the lawsuit was filed in Shelby County. The case has since been sealed, according to court records, but we’ve learned it all stems from an incident on July 26 at the NBA superstar’s home in Eads, Tenn.

According to police documents, a 17-year-old who filed the lawsuit on Sept. 9 told cops he was playing pickup basketball with Morant at the house when the two got into a verbal altercation.

According to the documents, the plaintiff stated that the argument became heated and that he threw a basketball at Morant, “accidentally” hitting him in the face. The Grizzlies point guard then approached the teenager, placed his chin on his shoulder, and asked a bystander, “Should I do it to him?” Morant, according to the teen, then struck him “with a closed fist, knocking him to the ground.”

The 17-year-old claims Morant then “continued sticking him while on the ground,” and that another man jumped in and began hitting him as well. Officers in the hospital say the teen had “a large knot” on his head.

Ja Morant Sued

According to the documents, Morant admitted to striking the teenager but claimed he was acting in self-defense. Morant claimed the plaintiff “intentionally” threw the ball at him during the argument and then “began to approach him as if he wanted to fight.” Police say Morant also told them “his brother” was involved in the fight, but the basketball player did not identify the man.



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