How Wealthier is Musician: Jeff Thacher Net Worth

Musician Jeff Thacher was born on December 23, 1967, in the United States. We covered Jeff Thacher net worth, age, height, weight, biography, career, family, affairs, pay, and more in detail here, and all of this data is current as of the year 2022.

Jeff Thacher net worth

Jeff Thacher net worth in 2022

There is widespread interest in Jeff Thacher’s fortune. If we fast forward to the year 2022, how much money will Jeff Thacher have made? What is Jeff Thacher’s primary source of financial support? This section will confirm His Net Worth and Salary. We estimated Jeff Thacher’s wealth using data from a variety of web sources. Jeff Thacher has a $1.5 million fortune as of September 2022.

Last 3 Years’ net worth trend of Jeff Thacher

Jeff Thacher Net Worth in 2022 $1.5 million

Jeff Thacher Net Worth in 2021

$1.4 million

Jeff Thacher Net Worth in 2020

$1.3 million

Jeff Thacher’s Biography

Jeffrey Thomas Thacher is a famous American singer who was born on December 23, 1967. He is a founding member of the vocal ensemble Rockapella. In 1991, Jeff Thacher emerged on the early contemporary a cappella scene as a professional vocal percussionist (also known as “mouth drumming”) and singer; that same year, he co-founded the Boston-based a cappella group Five O’Clock Shadow (aka FOCS) and, in 1993, he joined Rockapella as their full-time mouth-drummer. A graduate of Berklee College of Music’s Music Production & Engineering degree in 1990, Thacher then spent several years in television & radio production when not actively performing.

In 1991, the concept of vocal percussion as a full-time career inside a band or ensemble was still somewhat novel, and Thacher sang tenor in Five O’Clock Shadow when he wasn’t mouth-drumming. Rockapella had already performed half of their episodes for Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? a children’s television geography gameshow. on PBS(1991-1996), as well as having composed records for the Japanese-only label For Life Records and providing music for the PBS series Carmen Sandiego. Individual computer-sequenced samples of mouth noises were used for the drum tracks in these albums. After a search, Rockapella settled on Thacher as the human performer who would bring their organic approach to life in their live presentations.

The career of Jeff Thacher

After making his CD debut on the song “Big Wet Rag” from the Carmen Sandiego soundtrack sequel Carmen Sandiego: Out of This World, Thacher began traveling globally with Rockapella shortly after his first concert with the group on May 15, 1993, at the Berklee Performance Center (1993). Jeff’s signature style was first heard in its entirety on Rockapella’s first all-original album, Vocobeat (1994), released in Japan. Before Thacher joined the group for the fifth and final season of Carmen Sandiego in 1995, Rockapella had been performing as a quartet during their entire television run.

Midway through the 1990s, the terms “organic” and “imitative” were coined to describe contrasting approaches to a cappella vocal percussion, with Thacher as the most prominent progenitor of the “organic” approach, which combined overtly literal replication of drums with sounds that didn’t seek to duplicate but rather filled the role of a drum or percussive instrument. As the first vocal percussionist to use a throat microphone (or “throat mic”) made from electronic guitar pickups taped to the larynx region of the throat, Thacher was also the first to pioneer the use of this technique (see piezoelectric sensor). This method improved the audibility of deliberate throat grunts during performances and recordings (1997). He was the first musician of his kind to receive endorsement money from a guitar pickup manufacturer (Seymour Duncan, from 1998 to present, now D-TAR).

A frequent guest performer with the Boston Pops Orchestra, as well as other media sources in the United States and across the world, Thacher continues to tour extensively with Rockapella.

Since 1995, Thacher has worked independently as a recording engineer, mix engineer, mastering engineer, and music producer, primarily with a wide variety of Cappella groups and solo artists. On occasion, he directs, edits, and performs in TV commercials, such as Nickelodeon’s “Big Summer Movies” (2006) and WPIX in New York’s holiday news promos. As a graphic designer, his influence can be seen in the work of his clients and partners.

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