Jenna Jameson Illness

Jenna Jameson Illness: What Information Did She Provide on Her Health?

Jenna Jameson is an author, businesswoman, and TV personality. A movie star giving her fans an update on her recovery after spending more than a year in the hospital for a medical issue.

What Did Jenna Jameson Say About Her Illness?

Jenna Jameson Illness
Jenna Jameson Illness

Jameson revealed the identity of the sickness that left her severely weak in her muscles. Doctors speculated that the illness could have been any of several additional conditions, including blood cancer and Guillain-Barré syndrome. The test results, however, came back negative. When Jameson’s issues initially surfaced, she stated:

“It started very suddenly, I was doing very well and then I just started collapsing and lost my ability to walk … they admitted me into the hospital. I think I spent about nine months in the hospital.”

The doctors told Jameson that she only had six months to live out of a year. She acknowledged:

“When I was first told that I didn’t have very long to live, I think I just balled up, I didn’t really know how to digest that.”

Jameson decided to leave the hospital after spending months there without a clear diagnosis or any relief from her issues. She stated:

“I finally got to the point where I was like, I have to take my health into my own hands, so I put myself in a wheelchair and I wheeled myself out of the hospital. I ended up just taking everything into my own hands and making it happen. I knew that I still had so much life left to live.”

After leaving the hospital, Jameson was determined to live a more holistic lifestyle, and she made many important life changes, such as keeping up her healthy diet. Says Jameson:

“I was having a lot of memory issues and I lost years and years and years of my life, so I started going to a cognitive therapist that puts you through puzzles and all these things, and everything just started reconnecting. I feel myself coming back to life when I eat correctly, keto wise. I feel energetic.”

Although Jameson’s holistic approach has been quite helpful, her representative claims that while she isn’t 100% recovered, she is now feeling more optimistic about her future. See the Tweet for more details:

Jameson married podcast host Jessi Lawless in May. Early in 2022, Jameson spent his first almost two months in the hospital. Jameson was unable to move during her illness, not even with a walker.

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