Jo Koy And Chelsea Handler Are Still Friends Despite Their Breakup

Jo Koy And Chelsea Handler: To be honest, Jo Koy doesn’t have to try “too hard” to keep in touch with Chelsea Handler after they broke up.

The comedian, 51, who is divorced from artist Angie King and shares 19-year-old son Joseph with her, was in a relationship with the former ‘Chelsea Does’ actress, 47, for less than a year between 2021 and 2022, but he recently ended it because he wants to be a “role model” to his son.

When asked about how he stays friends with Chelsea, he responded: “To put it simply, it’s not difficult. Simply put, “I have a son, and when I go through a split, I want to be a role model for him,” he said. You set the tone and you don’t want him to follow it.”

The ‘Easter Sunday’ actor continued by saying that despite their 2013 divorce, he and Angela are “best friends,” and that Angela still has the keys to his house so she can care for it when he is abroad.

On “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” he revealed his thoughts by saying: “His mother and I are “like best friends” to this day, he added. She is a neighbor; her house is just in front of mine. She presently resides in the home that I own.

She knows every one of my car’s codes and has access to every vehicle I own. A road is a place where I can let my worries melt away. It’s good for you. This is a viable and healthy option. When you two were friends previously, you may be friends again.”

Chelsea had earlier stated, without providing an explanation for the breakup: “Just well, thanks for asking. You know, I have a newfound sense of hope for the future. I’ve undergone a radical metamorphosis, and the magnitude of my love has blown me wide open. And as sad as it is to see something like that come to an end, I know from experience in therapy and insight that every door that closes is a new beginning, and I really believe that to be true.

I still have faith that my true self is on the horizon, and if Jo Koy doesn’t emerge at some point in the future, that’s okay. And he’s off on his own journey, which I respect and enjoy.”

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