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Joe Machi, whose real name is Joseph P. Machi, is a well-known American stand-up comedian.

However, he was raised in State College, Pennsylvania before moving to New York City.

Since 2006, he has been a successful stand-up comedian, drawing hundreds of people to his shows each year.

Most people are familiar with him from his appearance on NBC’s comedic reality show Last Comic Standing, where he made it to the final four comedians vying for the grand prize.

Because of his appearance on the show, he has gained a devoted following and is now in demand for live performances across the country.

He performs year-round as a stand-up comedian in New York City, where he can be seen in a variety of venues.

The Origin Story

As a child, Joe Machi was raised by his parents, Frank Machi (a retired retail manager) and Catherine Frank (a former Catholic school teacher).

Nothing else is known about his family except for the fact that he has a brother named John Machi.

Norm MacDonald and Kevin Nealon were favorites of his since he was a child.

He attended the State University Regional School in Pennsylvania for his final two years of high school, and then Penn State University for his undergraduate studies.

Fortunately, his time in retail was brief after that, and he moved to New York City in 2006, ending his retail career.

Does Joe Machi have an illness?

Because of his high-pitched voice and nervous demeanor, many people and fans believe Joe Machi suffers from a medical condition.

Others claim that Joe Machi’s nervousness and awkwardness aren’t an act; rather, they’re a part of his personality.

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However, he stated in an interview:

“I’m not faking it; I just don’t try to avoid it.” It’s fine for what I do.”

Machi joked on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, “By now you’re realizing I have a higher-pitched voice than most men.” That’s something Mike Tyson and I have to bear together, says Tyson.

In the meantime, we don’t know for sure whether or not his condition is medically related, but it doesn’t appear to affect his performances or shows.

Personal Life

Joe Machi is a private individual who prefers to keep his personal affairs private. According to reports, he doesn’t make any money from social media platforms like YouTube, TikTok, or Facebook.

He does have an Instagram and a Twitter account, both of which are active, but he does not receive any revenue from them.

Even on his social media accounts, such as Instagram and Twitter, he rarely shares details about his personal life because the emphasis is always on his work. For his followers, he will occasionally post a video of a joke or punchline.

Joe Machi – Net Worth

Shows, tours, and comedy events have brought in a lot of money for Machi.

Aside from his television shows, Joe does not appear to have any sponsors or business partners.

He didn’t start as a stand-up comic; after college, he had other jobs.

Joe Machi Illness
Joe Machi Illness

Joe Machi worked as a customer service manager and then as a human resources assistant before becoming a stand-up comedian.

New York City was the next stop on his journey toward becoming an established stand-up comedian, which he completed in 2006.

As a result, he began performing in New York City’s bars and comedy clubs.

A lot of people liked his comedic style, and he began to put on more and more successful performances.

So much so, that the New York Comedy Festival named him Funniest Comedian in the Emerging Comics category in 2010.

Many prominent, well-known and well-known news outlets began to feature him as a result of his enormous success and funny punchlines, such as the New York Times, the Time Out New York and the New York Daily News.

The eighth season of ‘Last Comic Standing’ featured him, and he made it to the end before coming in fourth place. Afterward, his American career took off in a big way.

After appearing on shows like Jimmy Fallen’s “Late Night,” CBC’s “Laughter Gala,” and “Red Eye” with Chris Wallace, I’m no stranger to American television.

According to reports at this point, Machi was earning anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000 per event, and working a variety of jobs across the United States.

With his appearance on The Tonight Show in 2018, Machi has become a household name to many people.

For him, this was the most significant step toward becoming a household name and a household name. Being on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is a nice feather in his cap, and it legitimizes you in the eyes of others, he wrote online.

Since he currently resides in New York City, he performs frequently at the New York Comedy Club and other stand-up comedy venues.

Recently, he performed as a comic on Conan and the Gutfeld Show and continues to tour the United States, drawing large crowds wherever he goes with his shows.

Machi’s shows are now on tour throughout the United States, as well as in China, where he has performed. General admission tickets for his performances range from $64 to $177, and premium seats can cost even more.

His shows are said to generate between $30 and $50 thousand in revenue and are well-received by the audience.

Accordingly, Joe Machi’s net worth is estimated to be $1 million.

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