Who Is Jon Stewart Wife? Her Early Life, Career, Relationship And More

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Jon Stewart Wife

Biography of Jon Stewart Wife: Tracey McShane

Animal rights activist, graphic designer, and former veterinary technician Tracey Lynn Stewart (née McShane) is a prominent figure in the United States. She gained fame as Jon Stewart’s wife, who is famous for being a comedian, author, political analyst, and TV host. Tracey is a native Pennsylvanian who studied graphic design at Drexel University and California College of Arts & Crafts. After her husband became host of “The Daily Show,” she returned to school to study veterinary medicine. The Portrait Project’s vice president and creator of the magazine “Moomah,” she also serves on the Portrait Project’s board of directors. Tracey and her husband have purchased a property in New Jersey in order to provide a safe haven for rescued farm animals through the group Farm Sanctuary, with which they work closely. She is also a published author, having released the nonfiction book “Do Unto Animals: A Friendly Guide to How Animals Live, and How We Can Make Their Lives Better” in 2015.

Early Life of Tracey McShane

Tracey entered this world on August 6, 1967, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. She studied at California College of Arts and Crafts in the mid-1990s. She then decided to take a graphic design course at Drexel University. A business course at Drexel University was also mentioned by some of her former professors. When she finished school, she went straight into the workforce in the field of graphic design. As soon as Stewart took over as presenter of “The Daily Show” on Comedy Central, Tracey went back to school in pursuit of a veterinary degree. Despite her extensive work history and wide range of employer types, she had never found a job that truly fulfilled her.

Career Life of Tracey McShane

During her career, Tracey contributed significantly as a graphic designer. Through the years that followed, she worked in a variety of additional capacities. She first worked at the Bronx Zoo after graduating from veterinary school, and then she started “Moomah the Magazine.” The first Moomah Café served as a gathering place for families in the financial district of Manhattan. The front half served as a café, while the back was transformed into a learning centre for kids. While the hub itself has closed down, its legacy lives on in the shape of “Moomah the Magazine.”

Since a few years ago, Tracey and her family have been involved with Farm Sanctuary. Two rescued sheep have been given the names Tracey and Stewart by Farm Sanctuary as a token of their gratitude for their help. In New Jersey, the family has invested $4 million in a farm that is home to numerous rescued farm animals.
The children’s book “Do Unto Animals: A Friendly Guide to How Animals Live, and How We Can Make Their Lives Better” was published by Artisan and written by Tracey, and released on October 20, 2015. The book has been praised by critics for its engaging narrative and Lisel Ashlock’s numerous full-color pictures. The author has decided to donate all book sales revenues to Farm Sanctuary.

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Controversial Issues

On March 10, 2005, Tracey McShane was arrested for driving with a suspended license and spent over five hours in police custody. Stewart’s spokesman, Matt Labov, claims the altercation took place at the park at around 11 a.m. She was not speeding, but the cops pulled her over because of her suspended license. She didn’t remember anything about the previous week, including the fact that she had purchased a ticket.

The authorities apparently repossessed her vehicle after her check bounced. In addition, they cuffed her wrists and took her to Central Booking. Authorities stated in their report that she smiled and posed for photos while being fingerprinted and photographed during the pre-arrest preparation walk.

Relationship With Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart (born Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz) is a news satire and the modern Mark Twain for his hilarious critiques of reality television and other personality-driven forms of media in the United States. The “Daily Show” has been hosted by him and has won 22 Primetime Emmys. He hosted both the 78th and 80th Academy Awards and has written several books, including “America (The Book): A Citizen’s Guide to Democracy Inaction” (2004) and “Earth (The Book): A Visitor’s Guide to the Human Race” (2006). (2010).

A production assistant on the set of Stewart’s 1997 film “Wishful Thinking” arranged a blind date for Tracey and Jon. Jon proposed to his future wife in 1999 using a crossword problem they had created together with the help of Will Shortz, editor of the ‘New York Times crossword. They tied the knot back in November of 2000. On June 19, 2001, the couple formally requested to alter their last names to Stewart.

Tracey had difficulty conceiving and decided to use IVF as a last resort. Nate Thomas Stewart was born to them on July 3, 2004. On February 5, 2006, the couple welcomed their second child, a daughter they named Maggie Rose Stewart. The vegan Tracey.

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