Who Is Trino Marin? Bio, Early Life, Career, Relationship, Net Worth and All Detail!

As Trino Marin, Jose Trinidad Marin is the ex-husband of Jenni Rivera (an American singer-songwriter and actress), who is also an accomplished speaker and businesswoman. He was born in the United States on February 15, 1964.

Who is Trino Marín?

Jenni Rivera’s ex-husband Trino Marn, aka José Trinidad Marn, was a singer and performer in her own right.

When Jenni was fifteen, Trino proposed to her and they were married the next year. They were married for eight years before they divorced. Jenni divorced him after he was found guilty of abusing her younger sister sexually and physically.

He’s a felon with a long criminal history, including multiple arrests.

Continue reading the article to learn more about Trino Marn’s past, controversy, and facts.

Career of Trino Marín

Trino Marín did not have any stable job when he initially started his career. He was struggling for years to have the perfect life he wanted. Unlike her wife, he is an ordinary man and works like one.

He worked in several places to make ends meet when he first met Jenni. However, since he got married early, he now has to work for three people because his wife was pregnant before she got married.

As a result, he began exploring all of his options and eventually landed a position as a manager in a restaurant.

To support himself and his family, he was able to get a job like this one.

It was his wish that Jenni would stay at home and take care of the house and children, but Jenni refused.

The Net Worth of Trino Marín

In addition to being married to a well-known celebrity, José Trinidad is a successful businessman. His estimated net worth is $2 million.

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All of this money comes primarily from his entrepreneurial endeavours. It may be all about money, but what good is it if you have a dirty personality?… In the eyes of history, Trino Marn will always be known as a rapist who molested his daughters and abused his wife on a deep level.

José Trinidad Marín Girlfriend

The relationship between José and his daughters hasn’t changed despite the allegations levelled against him. He even gave his blessing to his daughter’s wedding.

She recorded the entire conversation and posted it to her YouTube channel. Chris took the phone from Jackie and said, “Hi, Dad, I’ve got your little lady here,” according to the video. Jackie then called their father back.

The youngest daughter, Jacquie, met Jose in 2017. Forgiveness and a second chance for her father were among the pleas in her social media posts, in which she included pictures of the two of them holding hands.

The fact that Jose and his daughters were able to get along so well at this event was a testament to that. Despite their difficult upbringing, the daughters remained devoted to their father. Jose, on the other hand, has come to terms with his mistakes and is making a concerted effort to become a better person.

Quick Facts

Full name José Trinidad Marín
Nickname Trino
Birthdate February 15, 1964
Age 58 years old
Sun sign Aquarius
Traits Positive: Visionary, intelligent, and original
Negative: Cold, condescending, and unpredictable
Birthplace California, USA
Currently residing California, USA
Nationality American
Parents No information
Grandparents No information
Siblings No information
Marital status Divorced
Spouse Jenni Rivera (1984-1992)
Children Chiquis Rivera (daughter)
Jacquelin Melina Marín (daughter)
Michael Marín (son)
Education High School
Profession Retired Administrator Manager at American-Mexico restaurant
Net worth USD 2 million
Social media None
Eye colour Dark Brown
Height 6’1″
Weight 64kg approx
Hobby Travelling & listening to Music
Hair Blonde


When Jenni Rivera was 15, she met Trino. In 1984, the two got married. He was a young man of 20.

They met while Jenni was still in high school.

Until 1992, they had a long-term relationship together. Trino and Jenni Marin divorced after Jenni learned of Trino’s abuse of her younger sister and older daughter.

Social Media Profiles

Instagram Not Known
Twitter Not Known
Facebook Not Known

Some Facts About José Trinidad Marín

  • Trino advised his wife to continue her education rather than stay at home and raise their children. However, Rivera was content and opted to spend more time with her family and at home instead. This small disagreement quickly turned into a major controversy.
  • Jenni Rivera’s ex-husband, Jose Trinidad Marin, is well-known.
  • He is now 56 years old and celebrates his birthday on the 15th of February every year.
  • His father, mother, and siblings have all remained anonymous in the public eye.
  • His ex-wife, an American singer and actress, is a member of his extended family. – In 1984, they got married after meeting at high school. To this couple, three children can be traced back:
  • As soon as they learned that their son Jacquie had been sexually abused by Jose, as well as Chiquita and Rosie’s family-in-law, Jose and Jenni became disconnected.
  • He has been imprisoned because of the abuse he has inflicted on his son and his family-in-law.
  • There is no information about him on Wikipedia. There is no information about Jose Trinidad’s work history available online.
  • He hasn’t made any public statements about his education or credentials. His accomplishments, on the other hand, demonstrate that he is intelligent.
  • His nationality identifies him as an American citizen. He belongs to the white ethnic group.

Jose Trinidad Marin’s Physical Status

Height In feet:- 5 feet 10 inches
Weight In kilograms:- 67 Approx
Body measurement Not known
Eye colour Dark brown
Hair colour Brown
Shoe size Not known
José Trinidad Marín
José Trinidad Marín


As far back as 1997, Trino Rivera was accused of sexually abusing Jenni Rivera’s younger sister, Rosie.

Physical examination revealed that even Jacqie was a victim of his swindle. The charges against him included child molestation, and it was later determined that he was a child molester.


What song did Jenni Rivera dedicate to Trino Marín?

As per online sources, Paloma Negra was the song that Jenni wrote for Marin. It was hours before her death.

What happened to Trino Marín?

Trino was found guilty of molesting Jacquie, and his sister-in-law, Rosie, for sexual assault and rape. He was sentenced to 31 years in prison without parole for sexual assault and rape in 2007.

Is Trino Marín still in jail?

The court sentenced him to jail for 31 years in 2007 without a chance for parole.
He is still in jail and will be released only after 2038.

However, there were rumours that he had come out of jail for his good deeds in 2018, but no one confirmed it, and the news was not clear enough. His lawyer even denied it.

Does Chiquis Rivera talk to her dad?

Yes, Chiquis and Trino Marin are still having conversations.

The singer was seen sharing an emotional video on her YouTube channel where José was calling her on her wedding day straight from jail.

She shared that her father, José, is trying to have a meaningful conversation with his daughter, who will be a beautiful bride, while he is still in jail serving for his bad deeds.

Chris even shared the call with her younger sister saying, “Hi Dad, I have your little girl here.” We guess they talked emotionally because her younger sister Jacquelin was happy yet nervous enough to hear from her dad.

Even so, he advised that marriages are difficult, but that you should do everything you can to keep them together. Everybody listened as José pleaded with God to grant her daughter and her husband a long and happy life together, even requesting that he send prayers their way.

Jenni’s younger daughter even met her father in 2017 and posted pictures of the two of them on social media. His actions deserve another chance and he should not be vilified in the way he is, she believes.


In addition to being married to a well-known celebrity, José Trinidad is a successful businessman. His estimated net worth is $2 million. Stay tuned to our journal worldwide for the most recent information.

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