Joyce DeWitt Net Worth: How Rich Is American Actress?

American actress Joyce DeWitt gained widespread recognition for her role as Janet Wood on the smash-hit sitcom Three’s Company. She spent her formative years in the nearby Indiana city of Speedway, despite being born in Wheeling, West Virginia. While in her senior year of high school, she decided to enroll in acting classes.

Joyce DeWitt Net Worth

Against her father’s wishes, DeWitt attended Ball State University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in theatre. After earning her degree from UC in 1974, she started her career as a legal secretary before moving on to TV and then movies.
DeWitt has been entertaining crowds with her charismatic and exciting performances ever since. She may have Hollywood celebrity status, but she rarely makes headlines for the wrong reasons. The fact that she is so shy sets her different from other Hollywood stars. The American singer routinely donates to charities that aid the poor.

Net Worth of Joyce DeWitt

Joyce DeWitt is a famous American actress who has a $4 million net worth. Joyce Dewitt’s acting career, which includes a regular role in Three’s Company, has reaped significant financial rewards.

Fame came her way once she was cast as Three’s Company’s Janet Wood. Joyce Anne DeWitt was born to them. It seemed as though this would be Joyce DeWitt’s final performance in the entertainment industry. The actress felt she deserved Ritter’s compensation level because the humor showed no signs of dying out. Unfortunately, the higher-ups at ABC did not agree with her and did not increase her pay. The performer established both feet on the stage. While Ritter made $150,000 per season, she received $30,000.

She reportedly left due to the harsh treatment she received from the production team. However, the actress has appeared in several movies after the turn of the millennium, including 18 in 2001 and Call of the Wild in 2009.

Preceding Events in Joyce DeWitt’s Life

Joyce DeWitt was born in Wheeling, West Virginia on April 23, 1949, however, she grew up in the Indianapolis suburb of Speedway, Indiana. Joyce’s mother was of Italian descent, while her father was of Dutch descent.

She worked at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway ticket office while she was a senior at Speedway High School. DeWitt first became interested in acting while participating in Indiana High School Forensic Association speech and debate competitions.

Even though she was just 13 years old when she made her theatrical debut, she was immediately enamored. DeWitt traveled to California to pursue an acting career after earning a bachelor’s degree in drama from Ball State University. A graduate of UC Berkeley with a master’s degree in hand since 1974. DeWitt worked as a secretary to pay for his education.

Personal Details of Joyce DeWitt’s Life

She has never made her single status or lack thereof known to the public. From 1973 through 1980, she was romantically linked to both actor Randolph Mantooth and actor-director Ray Buktenica.

DeWitt was arrested on accusations of driving under the influence on the evening of July 4th, 2009. This took place in El Segundo, California. She drove through a police roadblock in the vicinity of a park, was pulled over, and then arrested for driving while intoxicated. She was arrested and issued a citation; however, after she paid her bond, she was allowed to go free. DeWitt was sentenced to three years of probation for a misdemeanor after entering a not-guilty plea on May 27, 2010.

She was also mandated into a nine-month alcohol rehab program. Additionally, she was given a $510 fine to pay. In exchange for her no-contest plea, another minor charge was dismissed.

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Successful Professional Life of Joyce DeWitt

DeWitt has been performing since she was a small girl, and after earning her master’s degree at UCLA, she pondered going back on stage. Her small cameo on the series Baretta opened the door to an audition for one of two comedy pilots. In 1976, she landed the lead role of Janet Wood on the hit TV series Three’s Company, which ran for a total of ten seasons until 1984. In the 1979 spin-off series The Ropers, she played Janet. In a later episode of “The Love Boat,” DeWitt was a central character.

After “Three’s Company” ended, DeWitt had an appearance on “Finder of Lost Loves”. In 1991, DeWitt made his acting return in a production of “Noises Off” at the Cherry County Playhouse in Michigan.

Later, Joyce appeared in a cameo role on the 1990s TV comedy “Spring Fling!” Joyce made brief guest-starring appearances in the late ’90s on the programs Living Single,’ ‘Twitch,’ and ‘Cybil. Since the beginning of the millennium, Joyce has made several television appearances on shows like “Hope Island” and “The Nick at Nite Holiday Special.”

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