Judge Likely To Dismiss Lawsuit Against Hillsboro Subway Owner Kidnapper In Oregon

Subway Owner Kidnapper: It is highly unlikely that criminal charges will be brought against the individual who is suspected of attempting to abduct a local Subway business owner at gunpoint. According to the attorney representing Mark Weibye, 62 years old, Blake Hankey remarked, “In my knowledge, it’s fairly unusual.”

In October, Hankey asked a judge to send his client to a state institution so that their mental health could be checked. Hankey said that in his twenty-year career, he can only think of a few times when an evaluator came up with a finding that was similar to this one.

Judge Likely To Dismiss Lawsuit Against Hillsboro Subway Owner Kidnapper

Hankey said, in reference to the findings, that “Mr. Weibye does not have the right qualifications to move this case forward and help in his defence, and he will not get those qualifications.”

“The lawsuit needs to be thrown out by the judge, and there are other options available to the judge,” Hankey said. “One of these options would be to give Mr. Weibye a guardian or conservator.”

Subway Owner Kidnapper

In July of last year, when the owner of the Subway restaurant in Hillsboro was cleaning the windows, it is said that Weibye tried to take her away.

Hankey said that after talking to Mark, it was clear that he didn’t remember what happened and that he didn’t think Mark was capable of doing something like this.

Weibye uses a walker to move about. Since then, he has been transferred to a wheelchair. Hankey also brought up another point in court, which was the contention that his client could not have physically committed the act.

According to Weibye, “the state very likely has evidence, but I wouldn’t say the state possesses a smoking gun.” At the next hearing, which is expected to take place in March, a judge will make a decision that is final on what will happen to Weibye.

A request for comment was made, however, neither the prosecutor for Traill County nor the victim in this instance responded to the inquiry.

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