Kenneka Jenkins Cause of Death: The Unraveling of A Puzzling Tragedy!

Marked six years since the death of a young woman found dead inside a Rosemont hotel freezer. On September 10, 2017, Kenneka Jenkins, 19, was discovered decomposing in the walk-in freezer at the Crowne Plaza Rosemont River Road hotel.

Jenkins was captured on surveillance footage after leaving a hotel party and wandering close to the freezer.

Police reported that they discovered her dead in a walk-in freezer inside a walk-in cooler inside a deserted kitchen.

Kenneka Jenkins Cause of Death

Jenkins’ body was discovered in a freezer that was on and completely functional, according to the police. Police added that although the freezer’s lights were off when she was discovered, they were still completely functional when she passed away.

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Jenkins’ death was judged to have been an accident by the Cook County medical examiner.

The medical examiner determined that she died of hypothermia, with alcohol and topiramate intoxication—a prescription medication used to treat migraines and epilepsy—playing a substantial role. According to the police, there is no evidence to support the medical examiner’s conclusions.

Jenkins’s death was the subject of numerous conspiracy theories on Twitter and Facebook in the days and weeks that followed her passing.

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