Kenny G Net Worth Uncovered: Ex-Wife Claims He Concealed Millions

When Grammy-winning saxophonist Kenny G asked his ex-wife Lyndie to stop paying her $40,000 a month in alimony, Lyndie accused him of hiding his wealth on purpose. Judgment papers obtained by Radar Online reveal Lyndie’s allegations that Kenny has been using legal maneuvers to minimize his monetary obligations to her.

Last week, Kenny G rushed to court to implore the judge to terminate his support payments to his ex-wife. Following 21 years of marriage, Kenny and his second wife Lyndie divorced in 2013. The couple now raises two little ones.

The musician, who is 65 years old, has reportedly spent about $4 million on spousal support over the past nine years, according to a recent petition filed by his attorney. He is unable to maintain his current payment schedule.

His lawyer allegedly told the Daily Mail, “during the preceding 2-3 years Kenny’s touring prospects, where he makes his greatest cash, have not only dropped but his part of earnings from the tours has also declined.”

Lyndie is 57 years old and, as far as Kenny knows, in good health, while Kenny G’s income has been declining since 2018. The artist’s ex-wife allegedly berated him days before he filed for divorce for failing to make all required financial declarations.

Kenny G Net Worth
Kenny G Net Worth

She thought the musician was hiding the music because he was concerned Lyndie would try to get him to pay more alimony or face contempt charges. Notwithstanding Kenny’s claim that he had stopped paying Lyndie in 2022, she pursued a private resolution.

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“Kenny was participating in abusive litigation technique is bad enough,” she stated in her court filing, “but it is made significantly worse when one considers that he was concurrently lying about, and obfuscating his real income in conjunction with various Income and Expenditure Declarations.”

Kenny G Net Worth in 2023

Much of Kenny G’s wealth comes from his famous saxophone playing. He’s won a bunch of awards and had millions of records sold around the world.

Apart from his musical career, he has also been an actor in a number of films and TV shows. Over the years, he has backed a variety of initiatives that would have boosted his income. Kenny G’s net worth was estimated to be about $100 million by Celebrity Net Worth.

Kenny G Significant Musical Accomplishments

It’s safe to say that Kenny G has accomplished a great deal in his music career. He has sold over 75 million records globally, making him one of the best-selling musicians of all time.

During the course of his career, Kenny G has won a number of awards, including multiple Grammys for Best Instrumental Composition and Best Pop Instrumental Performance.

His work has been included on multiple Billboard charts, including the Top 100, Adult Contemporary, and Jazz. She has worked with a wide range of famous artists, including Whitney Houston, Toni Braxton, and Michael Bolton.

In 1997, he set a new record for the longest note ever played on a saxophone by maintaining an E-flat for approximately 45 minutes. Kenny G’s unique style of playing the saxophone combines elements of jazz, R&B, and pop music.

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Frequently asked questions

How much did Kenny G make off Starbucks?

Kenny G put part of his music royalties into a young coffee company called Starbucks in the early 1980s; today, the name is practically associated with the beverage itself. There is no way to know the current value of his investment, but if he had put $1,000 into the company during its IPO in 1992, he would have over $300,000 now.

How much money has Kenny G made?

Since his debut, this has helped him amass a considerable fortune, and the 66-year-net old's worth is estimated by CelebrityNetWorth to be around $100 million.



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