Difference in Wealth Between Queen Elizabeth’s Sons: King Charles Vs prince Andrew.

Here we are talking about King Charles Vs prince Andrew. Among their four children, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip have three sons and a daughter. The late monarch of the United Kingdom had four children, and Charles, the eldest of his siblings, became king. His siblings were named Charles, Anne, Andrew, and Edward. Charles, though, is in a different position than Andrew. Even among the royal family, Charles is not the most affable. But Andrew’s controversy pushed him to the background.

King Charles Vs prince Andrew

The net worth of King Charles III

Charles became the monarch of sixteen countries in the 53-nation Commonwealth of Nations after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. In addition to being the monarch of England and all of the Commonwealth, King Charles III is also the Supreme Governor of the Church of England. A real estate trust known as the Duchy of Cornwall was founded in 1337 to provide income for the Prince of Wales and his family, and this is where the majority of Prince Charles’s pre-Kingship money came from. The annual revenue of the trust’s properties is between $20 and $30 million. His son, Prince William, will be the new heir and recipient. King Charles III net worth was around $600 million when he ascended to the throne.

The net worth of Prince Andrew

After the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Andrew will no longer be welcome at official royal events. The Duke of York has recently gained notoriety due to his association with the controversial character Jeffrey Epstein. Nonetheless, numerous accounts state that the queen shielded Andrew from the fallout of the controversy. Prince Andrew, Duke of York is worth $5 million. The Queen was probably looking out for him. Katie Nicholl writes in her book The New Royals: Queen Elizabeth’s Legacy and the Future of the Crown that she “had people extremely close to the Queen who stated she asked Andrew what had happened and put him on the spot” while talking about the Duke of York.

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