Kota Factory Season 3 Renewed at Netflix: Kota Factory Director Raghav Subbu! (Latest Update)

The inaugural season of TVF’s Kota Factory caused quite a stir. There is no doubt that this series has an audience that extends far beyond the engineering community, given that it is set in the student town of Kota and centers on the lives of young people who dream of becoming an IITian.

It was Raghav’s goal to have individuals who have never been to Kota “experience the depth of Kota, grasp the world as it is.” Then again, he wanted to remind people of things they may have “lost track of” over time. “To make it in this city, you have to be determined and better than who you were before.

As far as he was concerned, “Our aims may differ, but our routes, in general, are the same.” Raghav wants to represent Kota in a way that allows you “feel the motivation behind living in a place like Kota,” in addition to crafting an entertaining performance.

Thousands of students travel to the city each year to prepare for the IIT entrance exam, and while not all of them succeed, some are seriously impacted by the intense strain. Young adult characters are treated with respect and care in this show, which is situated in an adult environment.

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To depict the tale of these young people, director Raghav Subbu uses what he terms a “humanistic approach.” When it comes to the internet or other media, “It is very frequent and very easy to exploit a young adult, 16-18 space.” Because that world is so effervescent, it’s quite simple to go that way.

Because of this, you’d expect teenagers to do awful things.” According to Raghav, the team at TVF aimed to build a universe that “feels like home” for the characters. Where you can go out for parties, that’s Indian, not American at all.” For an Indian audience (of which Raghav is a part), it doesn’t have the same emotional resonance.

The year 2020 had a significant impact on the world, and Kota was no exception. Kota’s coaching industry took a serious hit, as students fled the city for an extended length of time, causing considerable financial harm to the city’s companies and negatively impacting students’ preparation for the JEE exams. However, Kota Factory has taken a deliberate decision not to deal with the pandemic, and Raghav explained why. He explained, “We wanted it to be timeless.”

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This is a “fictional show,” so they were free to design the environment they desired. Their goal was to produce a show that is still relevant “even sixty years later,” according to Raghav. “We thought that by putting in the pandemic, we thought that it would not resonate very well and it would not be a natural progression for the characters,” he explained.

After a successful debut, one can expect that the second season will be no different. Raghav revealed that the third season of the show has already begun to be written. It’s clear to us how the story will end.” So, what exactly happened to the characters, and where do they go from here? He finished by asking, “Who gets into IIT and who doesn’t?”

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