The Glory Actor Lee Do Hyun Dating Co-Star Lim Ji-Yeon: Relationship Confirmed

Couple Confirmed: Lee Do-Hyun and Lim Ji-Yeon of “The Glory” How Two Actors Became a Couple. Local South Korean media reported on Saturday that “The Glory” co-stars Lee Do-Hyun and Lim Ji-Yeon are an item.

Korean news outlet Soompi reports that publicists for both stars have confirmed the dating rumors by saying their clients are “cautiously getting to know one another”

The management team for Lee, Yuehua Entertainment, was quoted by Soompi as saying, “After spending some time as colleagues, the two of them developed an interest in one another.”

The main character of “The Glory” is Moon Dong-Eun, who is portrayed by the famous K-drama actress Song Hye-Kyo. She spent high school being bullied and abused and has been planning her vengeance ever since.

It quickly became the most popular original series in the history of the streaming service Netflix Philippines, where it is still among the top 10 most-watched shows as of this writing.

Lee portrayed the hero, Joo Yeo-Jeong, while Lim portrayed the villain, Park Yeon-Jin.

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Dating for Four Months: Lee Do-Hyun and Lim Ji-Yeon, Co-stars of “The Glory”

On December 15th, 2022, fans caught their first glimpse of Lee Do-Hyun and Lim Ji-Yeon off-set. They enjoyed the snow together all day in the former’s apartment in the Geumho district of Seoul. They spent the day photographing their snowman construction. They went as far as building a miniature snowman and placing it atop Do-Hyun’s car.

The following day, the couple held another get-together in the Yongin Natural Recreation Forest. Lee Do-hyun brought Lim Ji-Yeon and my coffee when he came to visit. Since Lee Do-Hyun had to prioritize filming Graveyard and Good Bad Mother, the only time the two were able to spend together was at the team dinner for The Glory.

Lee Do Hyun Dating Lim Ji-Yeon
Lee Do Hyun Dating Lim Ji-Yeon

Lim Ji-manager yeon picked her and Lee Do-Hyun up after a late night of drinking at dinner and brought them back to her place, where they stayed up talking for a while longer. On White Day (March 14) in Korea, the man gave his girlfriend a present, and that was the last time Dispatch saw them. In the Geumho area of Seoul, they split a box of chocolates.

When asked about the Dispatch report, both Yuehua Entertainment and Artist Company said they would look into it. They quickly issued a joint statement to the media to confirm their relationship.

What Yuehua Entertainment revealed is as follows:

The two are close colleagues in the industry and are getting to know each other now with good feelings. (Lee Do-hyun’s agency)

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