Leslie Jordan Net Worth At The Time Of His Death

U.S.-born actor, comedian, songwriter, and singer Leslie Allen Jordan. First appearing as Earl “Brother Boy” Ingram in the 1996 play Sordid Lives, he reprised the role in the 2000 film adaptation.

leslie jordan net worth

Leslie Jordan Net Worth

Jordan, Leslie When he passed away in October 2022, American actor and playwright Leslie Jordan left behind a fortune estimated at $2.5 million. Most people associate Leslie Jordan with his role as Karen’s conceited, sexually ambivalent competitor Beverley Leslie on the hit television show Will & Grace. In 2006, he won the Emmy for Best Guest Actor in a Comedy Series for his performance in this role. He entered this world as Leslie Allen Jordan on April 29, 1955, in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The many films and TV roles Leslie has played have earned him much acclaim. Jordan, a man of the South who stands only 4 feet, 11 inches (1.50 meters) tall, took a giant leap when he relocated to Hollywood in 1982. He learned the ropes from Carolyn Barry and is now a fixture in countless commercials. The natural progression was to Broadway and then television. His portrayal of Brother Boy in Sordid Lives was a highlight of his stage career; he also portrayed the character in film and television.

On television, he has had supporting roles in Hearts Afire and several more shows in addition to his guest appearances on Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Star Trek: Voyager, Caroline in the City, Boston Public, Boston Legal, and Nash Bridges. This multifaceted artist also dedicated significant time to writing during this period.

Lost in the Pershing Point Hotel is an autobiographical drama written and performed by Leslie Jordan. The performance was adapted into a film. Frankenstein General Hospital (1988), Black Velvet Pantsuit (1995), and Farm Sluts (1999) are just a few of his more eccentric film works (2003). Every commitment Jordan made was not without cost.

After admitting to being a drug and sex abuser and serving time in jail for DUI multiple times, Jordan was finally able to overcome his problems and start the road to recovery by 1996. Since he is out and proudly homosexual, he also had a starring role in the debut episode of Laugh Out, an interactive comedy show with an LGBT theme.

Early Life of Leslie Jordan

On April 29th, 1955, Jordan was born, and he was reared in Chattanooga. Eventually, he made it through Brainerd High School and earned his diploma. Peggy Ann Jordan was a loving and accepting parent, even if her son claimed she never fully understood him. On March 31, 1967, when Jordan was about 12 years old, his father, Major Allen Bernard Jordan of the United States Army Reserve, and two others perished in the accident of a civilian Beechcraft Debonair airplane at Camp Shelby, Mississippi. Jordan admitted in an interview given in 2014 that he struggled as a Southern Baptist kid. “I went through the sacrament of baptism fourteen times. Whenever the preacher proclaimed, “Come forward, sinners! ” Oh, I was in the woods with that boy, I’d gush. ‘I guess I should go on.”

In 1982, Jordan relocated to Los Angeles, where he soon began abusing drugs and alcohol and was subsequently arrested multiple times. He started keeping a notebook regularly, and it aided in his rehabilitation from alcohol and drug misuse. Jordan announced to Wendy Williams in 2010 that he had been sober since he was 13. When both Robert Downey Jr. and Michael Jordan made subsequent appearances on Ally McBeal, Downey couldn’t recall ever having met Jordan before, despite Jordan’s claim that they had shared a cell before Jordan quit drinking.

Leslie Jordan’s Career Life

Film & Television

In 1986, Jordan made his acting debut on The Fall Guy as Malone. His small stature and twangy Southern accent helped him gain instant fame in the business world. In the movie, The Help, he played Mr. Blackly, the editor of the local newspaper. Murphy Brown, Will & Grace, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Star Trek: Voyager, Caroline in the City, Pee-Playhouse, Wee’s Reba, Boston Public, Boston Legal, Nash Bridges, American Horror Story, and Hearts Afire are just a few of the shows he has been on as a guest star. Jordan played the role of ski patrol chief in the 1990 film Ski Patrol. In 2007, he appeared as celebrity-Trasher Quincy Combs on the CW comedy-drama Ugly Betty and as Jesse Joe on the short-lived drama Hidden Palms on the network.

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Earl “Brother Boy” Ingram was a role that Jordan played in both Sordid Lives and the cult classic of the same name. A TV spin-off of the film starring Jordan, in which he too played a figure who is confined to a mental facility, aired on Logo. The autobiographical play Lost in the Pershing Point Hotel that he authored and starred in was adapted into a film. He performed his one-man stage comedy Like a Dog on Linoleum on a national tour in 2004 and received mostly positive reviews.


A lifetime achievement award presented to “an actor or performer whose excellent career is defined by character, intelligence, and wit,” Jordan earned the GALECA: The Society of LGBTQ Entertainment Critics’ Timeless Star award in 2021. Former recipients of the Dorian Award include Jane Fonda, Meryl Streep, John Waters, Harvey Fierstein, Lily Tomlin, Dame Angela Lansbury, and Sir Ian McKellen, all of whom Jordan joined in a TV “toast” to accept the honor. In 2006, he received an Emmy Award for his performance as Beverley Leslie on Will & Grace, which earned him the title of Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series.

Death of Leslie Jordan

The accident occurred near the intersection of Cahuenga Boulevard and Romaine Street in Hollywood on the morning of October 24, 2022, around 9:30 AM PDT, when Jordan was driving to film sequences at the Call Me Kat set. It was speculated that he had a medical emergency that caused the accident. At the site, Jordan’s death was officially confirmed. Age-wise, he was 67.

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