Lionel Richie Is Dating Lisa Parigi, A ‘American Idol’ Judge! All Things Model-Related

Lionel Richie, a judge on American Idol, became a worldwide sensation thanks to hits like “Hello,” “All Night Long,” and “You Are.” Love blossomed in his personal life thanks to the help of the 40-year-old model Lisa Parigi.

Lionel’s first marriage to Brenda Harvey-Richie lasted from 1975 until 1993. The couple adopted their daughter Nicole Richie while they were still married. His second wife, Diane Alexander, wed him at the Beverly Hilton in 1995. In addition to their two children, Miles Brockman Richie and Sofia Richie were born to the couple, as well. They divorced in 2004.

He began dating “We Are the World” co-writer in 2014. Lisa claims that Lionel and Lisa’s relationship revolves around Nicole, his eldest daughter.

Nicole, Joel, Lionel, and the entire Madden-Richie family are the perfect people to ask for advice on fashion and appearance, she joked. When we’re together, it’s easy for us to connect on a personal level. It’s a one-stop-shop for fashion, beauty, music, and art.

Lionel Richie
Lionel Richie

Lisa is a Swiss citizen by birth and upbringing. Aside from her work as a model, she’s also a businesswoman. Her lifestyle brands and blogs are the Estate Collection and Dream Design Discover. Lionel Richie has taken her on numerous international tours, and she’s a huge fan. Her boyfriend performs in front of large crowds and she “sings along with every song,” she says. The 1984 song “Stuck on You” by Lionel Richie is her all-time favorite.

When Lisa launched her skincare line in 2012, she dubbed it Glow Up Beauty. Sofia said in an interview with Dujour that her Collagen Eye Mask was a favorite of hers. She takes great pride in her vegan and sulfate-free lines.

For anyone who wants to improve their daily routine but doesn’t have the time, “I put my heart and soul into creating natural and effective products,” she said.


Richie Has Hinted About Being Open to Having Children With Parigi But Right Now Their Only ‘Child’ Is a Dog Named Sylvester

Parigi has never been married or had children, and she intends to remain that way. Richie has three adult children as a result of his two previous marriages. He adopted Nicole Richie, the daughter of his first wife, while married to Debra Harvey. They have a son and daughter together from his second marriage to Diane Alexander.

Richie told the Mirror in 2016 that he was “open-minded” about the possibility of having children with Parigi. As a father, I’d like to have another child. It doesn’t matter if I accidentally revealed our plans to have children; Lisa and I are still interested.

Richie and Parigi haven’t done anything with the hints they dropped in that interview in the years since. No plans for children, but a pet dog named Sylvester nonetheless exists for the couple. “I am in charge of this house” is written in the bio of his Instagram account.

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