How Did Lisa Marie Presley Die? What was Lisa Marie Presley Cause of Death?

Lisa Marie Presley Cause of Death: Lisa Marie Presley, a well-known American singer, and songwriter, died on January 12, 2023. Lisa attended the recently concluded Golden Globe Awards 2023. She arrived here with her mother, Priscilla Presley. The singer was the late American actor, singer, and musician Elvis Presley’s only daughter. According to reports, Lisa suffered a cardiac arrest on Thursday, January 12, 2023, and her ex-husband Danny Keogh, with whom she shared a home in California, performed CPR on her. Lisa was taken to the hospital after receiving CPR, where she died at the age of 54.

Lisa Marie Presley Biography

She was born on the first day of her life. She was born in Memphis, Tennessee in 1968. Her mother, Priscilla Presley, inspired her name. She eventually changed her name. She began her music career when she was nearly 40 years old. Her debut album was released in 2003. Her second album was released in 2005. They were both moderate successes. Her third album was a huge success, and it gave her a name apart from her father’s.

For four years, she was married to Michael Jackson. Domestic violence drove her to leave Michael Jackson. I’m not sure if Lisa Marie Presley or Michael Jackson was the aggressor. We will never know after Michael Jackson’s death. She was the victim of poor management.

Lisa Marie Presley Personal Life

She moved to California with her mother after her parents divorced. When her father died in 1977, she and her grandparents became joint heirs to his estate. After her grandparents died, she inherited the entire fortune, which was estimated to be worth $100 million. Lisa sold 85 percent of her father’s property in 2004.

Lisa Marie Presley Cause of Death

Lisa Marie Presley Net Worth

 Lisa Marie Presley Net Worth is estimated to be around $16 million in 2023. Unfortunately, Lisa lost her entire fortune between 2005 and 2015. She also included $25 million in equity in the future holding company of American Idol.

Lisa Marie Presley Career

To Whom It May Concern, Presley’s debut album, was released on April 8, 2003. It reached number 5 on the Billboard 200 album chart and was certified Gold in June 2003, and she promoted it with a concert tour in the United Kingdom. Presley and Billy wrote a song together called “Savior,” which was included as the B-side. Lisa Marie Presley appeared in Michael Jackson’s “You Are Not Alone” video, directed by Wayne, in June 1995. Presley made a video for “Don’t Cry Daddy” as a duet with her father in 1997.

Lisa Marie Presley Cause of Death

Lisa Marie Presley has passed away on 12 January 2023. Lisa Marie Presley, a well-known singer in Hollywood, has passed away at the age of 54. Everyone was shocked to learn of Lisa Marie Presley’s death. Lisa suffered a cardiac arrest, according to the information, and was taken to the hospital, where she died. Lisa Presley was married to Michael Jackson, the late pop singer. However, both of them later divorced. She was well-known in the music industry.

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