Liver King Net Worth 2022: An American Social media influencer, and Bodybuilder

Liver King Net Worth: As of 2022, Liver King is an American social media influencer, bodybuilder, and supplement business owner with a net worth of $1 million US. By consuming an absurd amount of raw meat, he gained notoriety and became the most recent TikTok trend.

In addition, he is well-known for developing a line of nutritional supplements based on the Nine Ancestral Tenants that have defined and guided his life. Liver King appeared on a number of podcasts with well-known YouTubers and would join the impromptu show.

Liver King Early Life

The Liver King is a 45-year-old supplement brand owner and influencer who was born Brian Johnson. Brian grew up in Texas, and as a boy, he was nothing like the giant that he is today. He also stated that he grew up sad and weak, owing to the fact that his father died when he was still a child.

Brian stayed in San Antonio with his mother from then on. During the school day, he has frequently been pushed around and bullied. In sixth grade, a classmate hooked a loogie in his hand and then slapped Brian across the face with it. Another time Brian showed up to school feeling unusually good about himself thanks to a new pair of kicks that someone stole from his locker during gym class.

Liver King’s Net Worth

Liver King Net Worth is expected to be approximately $1 million in 2022. He is one of the most prominent social media influencers, having amassed a tremendous fan base in less than a year. His Ancestral Dietary Supplements brand, which promotes his nine tenets, provides the majority of his income.

Liver King Net Worth

As a bodybuilder, he earns money from the fitness sector through brand endorsements and sponsorship arrangements, which he advertises on social media. Liver King’s annual revenue is approximately $250,000, and his net worth is steadily expanding.

Liver King Career

Brian’s real life began to change when he joined a gym around middle school, thanks to the encouragement of one of his mother’s boyfriends. Brian mentioned taking advantage of the fact that this guy had a weightlifting bench. Brian soon became enamored with the attention he began to receive from his peers. One particular comment that would change everything was when a student referred to him as Mark Wahlberg.

Having his figure compared to Mark, who was a Calvin Klein model as well as a member of the Funky bunch at the time, was a life-changing moment for Brian Johnson. But before Brian’s transition was complete, he’d attend medical school after graduating from Texas Tech University with a chemistry degree. He did, however, drop out before orientation was completed.

Liver King Family

Brian then began working for a pharmaceutical company, where he earned enough money to indulge in expensive outdoor activities such as snowboarding, which is how he met the Liver Queen in 2004. The Liver King had a distinct way of life before meeting Barbara, the lady who would become his life. Barbara was a dentist when Brian met her; once they started dating, they developed a thriving dentist practice before moving on to offer nutritional supplements that complemented Brian’s Ancestral lifestyle.

Brian and Barbara produced two boys after marrying the Liver Queen, who are now known as the Savage Liver Boys. His sons appear frequently in the Live King’s social media posts. When Brian’s sons were young, they were frequently in and out of the hospital with various illnesses and allergies, and their parents were desperate for help. That’s when Brian discovered Sally Fallon’s book “Nourishing Traditions,” a cookbook that challenges politically correct nutrition and diet detox treats. Brian decided to implement some of his suggestions to make the book more nutritional after reading the back cover.

The family began to live by the nine ancestral tenants, which are sleep, eat, move, shine, connect, cold, sun, fight, and bond. In short, The Liver King and his family took existing mainstream diet trends and turned them up to 11. After all the 90s we had highly processed low-fat food diets but the nutrition trends of the 2010s, well they have swung the opposite way by encouraging people to return to the all-natural whole foods of our predecessors.

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