Does ‘enola Holmes’ Actor Louis Partridge Have a Girlfriend? (Latest Update)!

If you like Eleven on Stranger Things, the Sherlock Holmes books, or the movies starring Robert Downey Jr., you might like Enola Holmes on Netflix. The mystery movie from Britain is based on a series of books by Nancy Springer.

It’s about the main character, Enola Holmes, who is the younger sister of Sherlock Holmes and played by Millie Bobby Brown (Henry CavillSherlock and Enola both have the same parents, and they both like to solve mysteries. Along with their older brother, Mycroft Holmes (Sam Claflin), they are all very smart, pay attention to details, and notice things.

Sam, Millie, and Henry are all well-known actors in Hollywood, but Viscount Lord Tewksbury is played by a newcomer, Louis Partridge. While he is getting to know Enola and maybe falling in love with her, his character becomes very important to the mystery.


Is Louis Partridge seeing someone? Read on to find out what else you may have seen the British teen in and to learn more about his life away from the camera

Who is Louis Partridge from ‘Enola Holmes’?

The actor was born in Wadsworth, London. He has a sister named Millie, which is funny. Even though his role in Enola Holmes is putting Louis on the map, it is not his first time acting. In 2014, he started acting. His first part was as Alf in an episode of the comedy show Boomers.

In the same year, Louis was in two short films: Beneath Water and About a Dog.

He also played Nature Boy in the short film Second Skin in 2016 and Young Henry Bates in the movie Amazon Adventure in 2017.


In the live-action sequel to Paddington, based on the same-named children’s book character, Louis played G-Man. On Rotten Tomatoes, the movie, which also stars Hugh Bonneville and Hugh Grant, has a score of 100%. Even though Louis’s name was on the film, his part was cut from the final version.

In the 2019 historical drama Medici, the actor had his first big role. During the Italian Renaissance, the show was mostly about the well-known Medici family, who was the Pope’s bankers.

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In four episodes of the third season, Louis played Piero de’ Medici, the oldest son of Clarice Orsini (Synnve Karlsen) and Lorenzo Medici (Daniel Sharman).

In the upcoming fantasy movie The Lost Girls, the actress who played Enola Holmes will play another well-known book character. The story of Peter Pan and Wendy is told darkly in the movie 2021. It’s almost done, and Louis plays Peter Pan.

Does Louis Partridge have a girlfriend?

The actor is active on Instagram, but he hasn’t said anything about being in a relationship. He could just be keeping his private life to himself. Millie Bobby Brown, who he plays with on-screen, shows up a lot on his feed, so they are good friends.

Millie and Louis answered 17 questions for Seventeen about Enola Holmes before it came out. Louis said that he had been sad in the past.

“Has your heart been broken, Louis?” Millie asked the other actress.

“Yes,” he told me.

The actor didn’t say anything else, so we don’t know who his ex was or who broke his heart.

Enola Holmes is now on Netflix and can be watched there.

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