Love is Blind Season 4 Spoilers: Explosive Relationships and Heartwarming Twists!

Fans are already settling in to watch the newly released first five episodes of Love Is Blind season 4, which has yet another round of blind dates, love, and messy drama. Although there have only been five episodes so far, there is certainly a lot of drama to unpack from the latest season of the hit Netflix dating show, which follows participants as they try to find love in Seattle.

The typical concept remains the same: 30 eligible individuals go on dates in “pods” separated by a wall and focus on getting to know each other via conversation and connection rather than physical attraction. It’s somewhat of a huge deal that the contestants don’t actually meet each other until they decide to get engaged. They then implement these changes in the real world and do what they can to ensure the ship’s continued success.

Warning: this season is very emotional (plenty of crying!) and has a strong “mean girls” vibe. There are 15 new guys and 15 new women to ogle over, and hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey are back for another season. So, what should you anticipate this year? Everything you need to know, including spoilers, is right here.

Love is Blind Season 4 Spoilers
Love is Blind Season 4 Spoilers

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Meet the Stars: an Introduction to the Main Cast

Like any good LIB, the cast begins with a huge group of people who go on different dates in the pods until eventually being narrowed down to a smaller group. Relationships and interactions in the pods are tracked by viewers. Here are some people you should be following closely:

  • Marshall Glaze, a film producer and marketing manager from Seattle, is 27 years old.
  • Jackelina Bonds, a dental assistant from Washington state, is 27 years old.
  • Marketing executive Micah Lussier, age 27, from Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Paul Peden is an amateur cook and environmental scientist from Seattle. He is 29 years old.
  • Speech therapist Chelsea Griffin (31 years old).
  • Portland, Oregon-based sales development manager Kwame Appiah, age 33.
  • Portland, Oregon’s own Brett Brown (age 36), a design director.
  • Client lead recruiter in Houston, TX, Tiffany Pennywell is 37 years old.
  • Bliss Poureetezadi, a senior program manager, is 33 years old.
  • 26-year-old Seattle entrepreneur Irina Solomonova.
  • Wenatchee, Washington, criminal defense lawyer Zack Goytowski (31 years old).

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Frequently asked questions

Who stays together in Love Is Blind season 4?

The apparent response is yes. According to public court records from King County, Washington, where Seattle is located and Love Is Blind season 4 was filmed, Kwame Appiah and Chelsea Griffin were one of three couples that got married in the season 4 finale.

Is anyone still married from Love Is Blind?

The season one finale in November 2018 saw the wedding of Amber Pike and Matt Barnett, who have been married ever since.

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