Loyle Carner Family: He Is Sharing Intimate Strife Of His Family

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Loyle Carner Family

Loyle Carner Family Issues After The Death Of His StepFather

Ben Coyle-Larner might not mind if you called him a mama’s boy. The 20-year-old musician stands with his arms around the shoulders of his mother, Jean, in the family’s dining room. The radio crackles with BBC 6 Music. Two guitars rest against a vinyl-filled bookcase, and a tall dresser is crowded with random knickknacks like hen-shaped egg cups, miniature action figurines, and a collection of mismatched glasses. Ryan, Ben’s 14-year-old brother, and the family’s black poodle Ringo comes in. A three-person camera crew is slowly making their way into the cosy kitchen, changing the atmosphere from ordinary to surreal.

Where should we point these cameras? Which way around the clock should I go? Ben asks as he stands with Jean and the rest of the crew, debating how to kick off the music video for his latest hit, “Tierney Terrace.” He has done some preliminary frame-by-frame sketching as co-director. He is the do-it-yourself, all-in kind of musician. In this case, he does this by starring alongside his loved ones in an intimate visual drama set in their house. To what end? A Loyle Carner.

Loyle Carner is a rapper known for discussing topics near his heart, such as his family and the challenges of maturity. Seven months after his stepfather’s death, in September 2014, he released the EP A Little Late, which marked the beginning of his breakthrough with its searing intimacy and brutal honesty. The resonant voice shakes and quivers when he raps lines like “Everybody says I’m fuckin’ sad/, Of course, I’m fuckin’ sad, I miss my fuckin’ dad” on the single BFG. The stiff upper lip has no business here; you can’t help but cringe out of sympathy and humiliation. A Little Late delves into the weight of familial obligations he felt in the wake of his stepfather’s death, as well as the gnawing misery of grief. Just how does he manage to be both a father figure and a youthful, active man?

It’s the hardest fight of all because I’ll never be able to live up to my dad’s legacy. He laughs and says, “He wore size 13 shoes, and I’ll never be able to fit them, no matter how hard I try. Carner received a theatre scholarship to the Brit School, where he honed his creative skills; he subsequently began studying drama at university, but eventually shifted his focus to music. However, the excitement is not forgotten. If I’m making a music video, you can count on me to star in it and helm it as well. To me, it seems to be the only method to accomplish all three of those goals at once. Everything I’ve experienced thus far, I’ve tried to take in as a learning opportunity. Not in an arrogant “Oh, I’m the best!” sort of way, but rather so you’ll realise I’m only a student. Improvement is all I seek.

Carner’s vigour was mislabeled as misdirected rather than multifaceted when he was young because of his dyslexia and ADHD diagnoses, “things I was harassed and judged for.” You get the idea from seeing him work that he is simultaneously learning how to be a rapper, an actor, and an adult. This is especially true when he is reviewing the storyboard before wrapping up for the day or reviewing the first shots of the day. Jean tells me as he leaves the room for a moment, “He’s not simply creative in one manner.” From the school play to this year’s Glastonbury: “when I had to race across the whole festival during Patti Smith to get to him,” she has been watching his performances. Since childhood, he’s been able to express himself artistically. His mother certainly wouldn’t speak ill of him, now would she?

For the most part, Carner spent his early years in south London with his grandparents “since my mum was working late nights and I didn’t have anyone else at home,” he explains to me in a shabby pub beer garden weeks after the video shoot. Regarding his biological father, from whom he has been alienated for quite some time, he provides just the briefest of descriptions. The two individuals that mean the most to him are his mother and his brother. I think moms are superior to dads,” he replies with a gentle chuckle.

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That’s all well and good, but how does that affect the sound? It’s risky to get too personal with your audience, yet it sometimes pays off (see: “Dear Mama” by Tupac and “Hey Mama” by Kanye West. They may react negatively. The boom-bap sound, mostly constructed by Carner’s long-time buddy Rebel Kleff and reminiscent of joyful 90s summer block parties, softens the punch of some serious lyrics, but listeners may be left feeling confused as a result. Surely he is nervous about going public so soon in his career. Fearful, indeed. It’s scary, yet there’s so much potential,” he says. Look, there are times when I worry that a topic is too close to home, and I’ll turn to Rebel Kleff or my mom and ask, “Is this too much?” Nonetheless, I’ve never felt that something was excessive and decided to remove it. The man stops for a moment. He smiles and replies, “I do worry that people think I’m simply always complaining.”

If you’ve never seen Carner perform live, his so-called groaning may be shocking at first. However, his charisma soon smooths over any rough edges. Between songs, he tells the steamy, packed room at the Visions festival in east London, “This is for anyone who’s got a deadbeat dad,” and then he launches into Tierney Terrace. I see a member of the crowd flinch as he scolds his absent biological father in song. The grime here isn’t quite trendy. It’s rap music from the United Kingdom, full of little details from Carner’s life and culture. It also distinguishes him from the grime revival that was aided by Kanye West’s performance at the Brit awards and Drake’s multiple co-signs this year.

Although Carner is glad to see UK rap becoming noticed, he has no plans to abandon the boom-bap in favour of the mainstream. Even if Drake had put his arm around Skepta, we still would have broken through at some time. But it is amazing. Incredibly, Kendrick Lamar recognises the value of Little Simz. If he does say that, it could cause Little Simz’s audience to scatter other UK rap artists. And if they do, well, maybe they’ll find me.

Music Career Of Loyle Carner

Carner’s debut concert was in October 2012 at The Button Factory in Dublin, Ireland, opening for British rapper MF DOOM. His debut extended play, titled A Little Late, was published in September 2014 and was highly welcomed by music critics. The rapper performed at the 2015 UK festival season, including Glastonbury Festival, after opening for American rapper Joey Badass on his tour of the country. In October, he participated in Huw Stephens’ Piano Sessions series on BBC Radio 1. Carner was selected for the BBC’s 2016 Sound of the list. He opened for American rap star Nas at the O2 Academy Bristol in August of 2016. At the end of the year, he shared the stage with poet Kae Tempest.

Released on January 20, 2017, Yesterday’s Gone is Carner’s first studio album. It was hailed by critics and was even named “Album of the Year” by The Independent. In 2017, Sampha won the Mercury Prize for his album Process, for which this album was nominated. He was nominated for the British Breakthrough Act and the British Male Solo Artist Brit Awards in 2018. In February 2018, he was slated to perform on BBC Radio 1, but he cancelled after a disagreement over the cover songs he would sing. Not Waving, but Drowning is the rapper’s sophomore studio album, released on April 19, 2019. After performing on the John Peel Stage at the previous year’s Glastonbury Festival, he returned this year to perform on the Other Stage. There was a listing for “Angel” on the FIFA 20 soundtrack. Carner and his sibling directed a music video for Arlo Parks’ song “Eugene” in 2020.

Personal Life

Carner, together with his mother and brother, made their home in Croydon, South London in January 2017. He also operates Chilli Con Carner, a culinary school for kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, which he enjoys doing in his spare time. Yotam Ottolenghi and Antonio Carluccio are just two of the chefs he has named songs after. Carner is allergic to peanuts and sesame seeds. In 2018, he participated in a film for a CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) initiative, a nonprofit whose mission is to reduce male suicide. The next year he organised an art show and gave all the money he made to CALM.

In terms of professional soccer, Carner is a die-hard Liverpool fan. Carner recorded a song titled “Cantona” as a homage to his stepfather, a huge Eric Cantona fan and devoted Manchester United F.C. fan. In addition to wearing his stepfather’s Cantona shirt on stage, he named his 2016 tour after the football legend. The album’s hidden title track, “Yesterday’s Gone,” features Carner and Misure La VerT sampling his stepfather’s music.

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