Lucky Hank Episodes 2 When Will Be Available

Lucky Hank Episodes 2: When Will Be Available?

The novel Straight Man, originally published in 1997, served as inspiration for Lucky Hank. Professor Hank Devereaux, chair of the English department at a financially strapped university, is at the core of this new series from Bob Odenkirk. Hank is balancing the turbulence in his personal and professional life between a midlife crisis and a full-blown collapse.

You may be wondering when the next episode will be available if you’ve been keeping up with this one over the weeks. I guess it answers your question.

Find out when and where the second episode of Lucky Hank will air, as well as all the details you need to know about it, right here.

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Lucky Hank Platform: Where Can I Watch?

Given that Lucky Hank is an AMC Original production, you can count on seeing it premiere on AMC and then later on AMC+. Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, it is not available anywhere else in the world besides the United States. Although several other AMC series is available on BT’s AMC Channel, Lucky Hank is not one of them.

Lucky Hank Episodes 2
Lucky Hank Episodes 2


Lucky Hank Episodes 2: When Will Be Available?

The second episode of Lucky Hank will be available for download on Sunday, March 26 at 9 o’clock (ET). You will be able to view all of this on catch-up if you happen to miss this particular one.

The duration of Episode 2 (named “George Saunders”) is estimated to be around 45 minutes. The timeline here fits in nicely with the rest of the show.

To what extent will Season 1 of Lucky Hank consist of episodes?

There will be a total of 8 episodes in Season 1 of Lucky Hank, therefore there will be 6 more episodes released following this one.

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