Marcia Gay Harden And Skylar Astin On “So Help Me Todd” (Exclusive)

Marcia Gay Harden and Skylar Astin feature in CBS’ new drama So Help Me, Todd, about an attorney who employs her gifted but aimless son as an investigator.

ET visited Harden and Astin’s Vancouver set in August to tease their Thursday debut. “Dynamic pair,” Astin told ET’s Lauren Zima on the So Help Me Todd stage in August.

“Marcia is awesome. I enjoy scene work with Marcia. She’s clever. She’s theatrical like me, therefore scenarios often resemble a theatre. We cross-shot, which means they filmed you and me at the same time, so it cuts together nicely and we get to live in that place and what happened that day. This feels right.”

Being a mom has influenced Harden’s onscreen image, especially in speech. The mother-of-three said she mothers differently than her character.

“I’m a unique mother. Margaret is a bit more…grand? She’s old-fashioned, “Oscar-winner, 63, stated. Astin’s initial pull to the show was “the sharp writing”

“Scott Prendergast’s writing was fantastic. Page 1 hooked me “credited actor “I adore portraying Todd, a black sheep, and renegade wild card. I love his family. Portland, the show’s setting, is an experience. I view it as a dramedy. It’s more comedic.”

This broadcast won’t feature Astin’s singing from Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. “I am happy to show people that I can do it, and it is a superpower and I love it,” he added, adding that he still sings on set between “action” and “cut.” “Telling the team. Will we see Todd sing often? In between cassettes, I’ll be signing. I’m like that.”

Marcia Gay Harden and Skylar Astin
Marcia Gay Harden and Skylar Astin

Even though So Help Me Todd has just begun, Harden is already enjoying it. “When you’re down as an actor, you don’t think it will go back up. But at my age, it’s a great moment. You adore it “She thought. “I’ll remember this since I know the path of a wave.

Halfway to EGOT! She won Oscars for Pollock and God of Carnage. When asked how she’d feel if she got closer to that unusual feat, she said, “I’d feel great. That’s awesome.” Harden was nominated for an Emmy in the Guest Actress in a Drama Series category for The Morning Show.

“I have an Oscar and Tony bookcase, so I’d place it there,” she said. Astin pitched So Help Me, Todd, perfectly.

“So Help Me Todd has comedy, adventure, fantastic cases, and great turns. You’ll have lots of relatives and drama “He joked. “But there’s also a lot of comedy and heart because even when people disagree, they care about one other.” So Help Me Todd debuts Sept. 29 on CBS at 9 p.m.

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